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Banner Material- What To Get For Your Banner

Different banner material for different applications.

Picking the right banner material can be a bit tricky. We have several different options for printing available. In this article, we'll go over the different materials and what works best for various applications.

Vinyl Banner Material

Currently, Banner 4 Sale has four options for vinyl banners. They are 13 oz, 15 oz, 20 oz, & Mesh Extreme vinyl. All of them have different characteristics that make them great for different uses.

13 oz Banner

The 13 oz banner is our most commonly ordered banner. They are perfect for pretty much any applications unless they are being hung in a very windy area. We'll go into which option to choose for high wind areas. Even if it is windy, we can cut air holes into the banner to ensure that it doesn't create stress to the material.

15 oz Banner

The 15 oz banner is slightly more durable than our 13 oz banner. But don't sleep on the durability of the 13 oz banner. There's a reason it is our most commonly ordered item. A 15 oz banner just offers a bit more durability.

20 oz Block-out Banner

This is the most durable banner that we make. The reason we call it a 'block-out' banner is because this banner material is so thick that it will actually block out the sun. Our other banners have a slight touch of transparency, but the 20 oz banner is hardcore and doesn't take no jive from no sun.

Mesh Extreme Vinyl

Mesh extreme vinyl is a bit of a specialty product. It has a different look and feel to our standard banners. This material is a mesh that allows light and wind to pass right through it. This is that high wind option that I was talking about. Mesh extreme is also much lighter than our other materials, so it's perfect for something that needs to transported from place to place.


If you're still unsure what banner would work best for you, please contact our customer service department. The experts at Banner 4 Sale are happy to assist you with any signage project that you need.

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