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  • The Future Looks Shiny: Metallic Backgrounds for Vinyl Banners

    Most sci-fi imagineers will illustrate a curvy, streamlined future with fine chrome and glass surfaces. Metal is manmade and exudes power. It's a hardy element, capable of holding up our greatest structures and making our technology nearly invincible to Mother Nature's worst.

    Using this fine element as a background can be pretty smart, depending on your advertised product or what message you're trying to convey.

    Banner Ideas


    Metal Textures

    Textured metal backgrounds can be used to display rugged products, like camping gear, trucks and other large cars, or a "hardcore" event (concert, festival, etc.). The sharp grooves and rises in the image (like the one below), have that connotation of hardness, roughness, not-to-be-messed-with, etc. For products like these, the world is their oyster, just waiting to get run over.

    Now, it's not quite recommended to use foil for a background. Although it's very pretty, it's also very difficult to read text or see some images, with the constant changes of light and dark in the material. Something wrapped in foil, like a food or a solid image with only a little detail, will be feasibly seen with this kind of background.

    Smooth Textures

    And then, there's your usual: the nice chrome, stainless steel background with a touch of metallic finery. This background is subtle, making it perfect for any sort of text or images your want in the foreground. With Outdoor Banners, the faux shiny metal will still attract some eyes without blinding someone in the process (you know what I mean...).

    Nuts & Bolts

    Last, but not least, let's look at some "accessories" you can add to that metal banner background. Sheet metal is either bolted or welded together, and some businesses and consumers find that look appealing. It symbolizes a sturdy hold on your mission, strength and endurance. There's a precise art to it as well.

  • So Real, You Want to Touch It: Wood Backgrounds for Banners

    Not all banners are created equal. They don't all have elaborate images or fancy typography, or even  a message. But one thing you can do is put a pretty awesome background on your banner. There's a couple of things you need to focus on to help you pick the best background: texture, relation to your business, and any text you're including. You don't want some dizzying checkerboard pattern with some text that no one can read, because they're too busy spinning from all the black and white checks.

    But for today, we're going to take a look at some ideas for a wood background. :)

    "Wooden" Banner Examples


    Since it's autumn right now, it's pretty appropriate to check out these kinds of banner backgrounds. So, when it comes to textures and colors of wood, it goes hand in hand with what sort of type you are using as well.

    A darker wood (such as the example above) would be better for lighter type. It also has more space for a coherent image, without over-powering the wood or making the whole piece look too busy

    If something lighter is the texture you're going for, obviously use darker text. However, a lighter toned wood might seem too busy with a lot of text or images, so this would be more appropriate for something less text-heavy. You want the ruggedness to show through, and leave that "Earthy" feel.

    Banners Related to your business

    Let's say you are an environmental group. You've got a big fundraiser/charity event coming up and you want to accentuate your cause in all of your advertising. A wooden background would be the perfect example!

    Wood not only gives that cliche "earthy" feel, but it also makes your event feel homey and comfortable.

    Another example is if you have a store getting ready for an autumn/Thanksgiving sale. A wooden banner is reminiscent of family dining tables, picnics outdoors, or even the trees in autumn. With a wooden background, customers will immediately hone in on that Fall feel and be more likely to come check out what your sale is about.

    For more examples and some great background downloads, check out this compilation article from SpeckyBoy magazine.

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