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  • UCR Directional Signage

    Directional signage is perfect for large areas and big locations. Maps are great, but sometimes they aren't as easy to read and figure out. The University of California, RIverside boasts one of the largest school campuses in California, so they're always in need of directional signage!

    Take a look at one of these signs we've recently made for their campus:


    Cool, right? When you've got a campus as large as the University of California, Riverside, it's always a smart idea to have some forms of directional signage. Directional signage can come in the form of poster board, cardboard, and etc. However, we prefer using coroplast for our signs. Why? Well, we believe that they make the most durable and best method of yard signage.

    Coroplast signs are cost-efficient and can hold their own on a daily basis with little to no maintenance. They're the best ways for tour groups, visitors, faculty, and students to find their way around campus. The printed arrows are easy to follow and the text is easy to read, which makes it easy for lost folks to navigate around.


    These signs are customizable too - in this case, we used the school's colors (blue and gold) to make a statement. Trust us, you can't go wrong with yard signs!

    If you want to create some directional signage of your own, check out our page at:

  • Mini Coroplast Signs

    One of the wonderful things about the internet is that we have the ability to be exposed to more information. Although many find this ability as a consequence of being over-exposed to information, in some cases this is a vital way of getting businesses going (including ourselves).


    UCR's Farmer Market was created to promote healthy eating among its students, and even though we created mini coroplast signs to show where their fruit comes from, by having this alternative to fresh produce, UCR is doing their part to spread information on healthier eating. ucr-armers-market-nectarines-signMini coroplast signs are a perfect way to share bits and pieces to your guest, customers, or business associates. By creating mini coroplast signs, not only are you able to provide information, but your designs create attention which will ultimately attract more audiences!

  • Coroplast Signs for UCR

    We may be called Banner4Sale but we sure know our way of other signage methods. Take these coroplast event signs for example. The University of California Riverside (UCR) is one of our many customers who come to us for their signage. From coroplast signs to banners, we do it all for our fellow Highlanders!


    Although their students are finishing up finals, that doesn't stop UCR from striving upon success both academically and outside the classroom for their students. Their most recent project involves directional signage and informational signage in order to keep their students up to date on what's happening on campus. large-ucr-card-service-coroplast-sign

    For more information on getting your designs onto coroplast yard signs, feel free to contact us! If you have a custom order, we'll be more than happy to take care of that for you. Banner4Sale works hard to not only make the best banners, but posters, yard signs, and so much more!

  • UCR's Farmers Market

    The University of California, Riverside is hosting a Farmer's Market! Starting October 27, 2016 (excluding holidays), the farmer's market will be help in parking Lot 14. This farmer's market will feature local farmers and vendors and will have things such as natural made soaps, oils, baked goods, artisanal foods, and more.

    The Farmer's Market comes as part of the Healthy Campus Initiative. UCR is working to bring healthier and better food to their campus. A farmer's market will introduce locally and fresh grown foods and products to campus, which can help people live and eat better and healthier. ucr_farmers_market_yard_signage_durable_sign_event_signage

    Here is the first set of yard signs we printed out to advertise their event. These yard signs are printed on coroplast, which is perfect for withstanding all types of weather and temperatures. These signs will be cut to size and will be displayed all around the event.


    Here, you can see the final version of our yard sign. These yard signs will be displayed at various locations around the event. The arrow is a perfect addition, which helps this everyday yard sign become a piece of directional signage. It's great for advertising and will help lead potential customers to the event.

    To get your own yard signs, check out our website at: Banner4Sale.

  • Back to School Preparations

    When there are events, there is always a need for signs and banners. It's that time of year again when summer is coming to an end and colleges are starting to intensely preparing for the new school year. Colleges start getting ready for orientation and all the events that help freshmen settle into their new school.

    cbu orientation sign printIt is definitely useful and important for schools to put up orientation signs all over their campus because it's inevitable to get lost as a freshman in such a new environment. Signs with labels and arrows to where certain buildings are located are an excellent idea to help these lost souls.

    cbu orientation sign print1California Baptist University and University of California Riverside, our number one University clients, came to us in need of signs for the first week of school. All the signs that were created for these schools were made out of coroplast. Coroplast is our most popular material we use for our signs. They are affordable and durable; therefore, allowing UCR and CBU to stay under their budget wisely.

    ucr new year signs 2 California Baptist University went the directional route and ordered signs with arrows pointing to which direction each building was located. University of California Riverside ordered signs taking the label and informational route.

    Ucr new year signsOverall, signs are the best way to keep people together and eliminate the chaos during an event. Banner4sale and our team help create and print these banners in best way possible!

  • University of California Riverside Plans for the Upcoming Year!

    Besides word of mouth to mouth, getting awareness for events or getting simple messages to students across large campuses can be a difficult task. Signs and banners play a huge role when clubs and groups on campus want to display information. Highlander orientation bannersEspecially for the upcoming freshmen or transfers, signs can become extremely useful when finding designated parking spots, lecture halls, general meetings to clubs, and building awareness for the many opportunities available for students.Highlander orientation banners1

    Being fairly close to the college campus of University of California Riverside, we get to work frequently with them to create signs and banners for a lot of their events. When you need to post information for just a season or a few months, these coroplast signs are both durable and cheap signs, perfect for orientation week. So far this Summer, we helped dining create signs for Highlander Orientation week to notify the current residents about the change in plans in dining during the days of orientation.Farmshare_UCR_signs

    Another event we made a coroplast sign for was the Farmshare at UCR. This is a subscription program that was recently made to bring fresh fruits and produce directly to universities, businesses and more. MooMoo_UCR_SignsLastly, we made a promotional sign for UCR's Moo Moo Truck. Moo Moo is an ice cream truck that was created this year. It recently came out with a new ice cream flavor called the Reese's Peanut Butter Sundae. Signs like these is a great way to help students know about new products or events that are going on on campus.

  • Graduation Banners

    They have done it. They’re going to walk across a stage and get a freshly printed diploma, as you beam from the stands and cheer them on. After years of struggling and clawing your way through projects, essays, and sports practices, there’s a shining light at the end of this tunnel.


    It’s a milestone in every family’s lifetime. Graduation. There’s a ceremony for every level of school, from kindergarten to college. And if you’ve got a crazy mom like mine, you’ll be shrying from the stands as your baby crosses the stage. What is shrying? Shrieking + crying = shrying.

    But some schools have recently implemented a rule that you can’t cheer until all the names are called. For some ceremonies, that’s a really long time. So, if you’re going to a graduation that’s a little stuck-up about the noisemakers, here’s an idea to make sure your kid knows you’re out there in that grand audience: a big ol’ banner!

    We’ve got various size banners available at your leisure. For outdoor ceremonies in those hot grandstands, check out our Outdoor Vinyl Banners. As for the image, its as easy as a simple upload. Create a banner that you can bring with you to the ceremony. Hold it high for the world to see (and embarrass your kid!).

    If you’re stuck in a creative slump or can’t use Photoshop if your life depended on it, then we’ve got a creative team here to help you out. Trick out that banner with your child’s school mascot or logo. Maybe add a blurb about their next step in life: “On to UCSD!”, “Go for it at Harvard!” or “Proud of my future Dr. [insert name]”. Words are the way, here. And remember to tell them not to twerk on stage.

  • Of Pencils and Apples: Back to School Banner Fever

    As the commercials put it, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year!~”

    And your kids in the back seat are squirming, because they know what that means: Back to School time.

    Now, if you’re a teacher or a school supply business, there’s a chance you’re celebrating the student’s return with welcome gifts and store sales.  One way to encourage your new students is to create a Back to School banner!

    School Supply Sale Banners

    Let’s say you sell school supplies: the lists are coming from the teachers and, as we speak, the parents are lining up at your store to get the latest discounts.

    We offer quite a few options to display your big sale. For outdoor sales, or to hang on your storefront, we recommend our Outdoor Vinyl Banners, which are made from a sturdy vinyl material and are modified to suit the weather conditions of your location.

    If you have a large window display, we also offer Large Format Banners. These banners can be sized to fit any display, or to hang from the side of a building. Your building, perhaps?

    Banners for Schools!

    No redundancy intended, but perhaps you would like an actual banner for your school as well? It’s a great way to welcome back your students. Design it to feature your school’s mascot, slogan, or any recent achievements. Let the new students know that you care about them and the integrity of your school, by showing it with a warm and welcoming banner.

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