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A Guide to Using Banners and Other Advertising at Conventions

Although we always talk about how businesses can appeal to their fans during fairs and conventions with banners, giveaways, and promotions, we sometimes forget about that small section that’s been pushed to the corner over the years, but is slowly crawling back to the center stage: the Artist Alley! And never was there a more interesting place to research the latest and greatest art, along with how these artists are promoting themselves.

PART 1: Anime Expo vs. San Diego Comic-Con

I always frequent Artist Alley when I head to the entertainment conventions like Anime Expo and San Diego Comic-Con. This was my first year to Anime Expo, and I was blown away by how much self-marketing was going on in their Artists’ Alley: rows and rows of PVC pipe structures where artists hung their pieces and colorful displays like I’ve never seen before.

See what I mean?

In past years when I went to SD Comic-Con, I’d have to say that their Artist Alley was...well, more modest in comparison. There was definitely a difference in professionalism and the age demographic, but compare for a moment:

Each Artist Alley is successful in its own way, and we shall examine why that is. Whether you’re a new artist trying to make a buck at a convention sometime soon, or an old-timer trying to jazz up your space, stay tuned for some helpful tips on how to stand out amongst your fellow artists. As someone who makes a hobby out of being a customer, let me help you find a way get the coveted attention of conventioneers who pass by your beloved art.

We will continue next time with PART 2: Seize Your Space!

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