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A Guide to Using Banners and Other Advertising at Conventions: PART 2

Seize Your Space!

Take advantage of your space! Every artist is allotted the confines of a certain size booth. You get all the table space as well as above (although that may differ depending on the convention). Don’t be a jerk and try to spill over onto your neighbor’s table: keep it classy and stay in your cube. Many artists implement different techniques with what they have.

The following pictures are pulled from Google, and come from different conventions. Let’s take a look at some booths and examine how they make it work in their own right.

These lovely ladies have definitely utilized the space that they have!

  • Take a look at their table: every inch is covered with their merchandise, from cards to prints to postcards.
  • Observe the edges of the table: there’s a fold out screen where they hung buttons and keychains for sale, propped up some books and displayed prices. There’s also signs about who they are.
  • Above them is a PVC pipe arrangement where various prints and art examples are hung.

Now, it’s understandable how some people could be “turned off” by how this looks. BUT let’s consider the advantages of such a loud display:

  • their art style is very clear, from the sheer amount of art on display. If someone happened to be passing through the aisle and something caught their eye on the PVC pipe hangings, boom! New customer.
  • Nothing is hidden: honest display
  • The more that’s on the table, the longer that someone interested will linger and possibly buy something

Here is the lovely Mike Gray: I don’t know who he is, but I like how his booth is arranged. He has taken a more simplistic approach.

  • Background: He chose to show a simple banner with a cartoon figure of himself and his website.
  • Table: Signs (i.e. “Free Sketch!” etc), free candy??, a contact sheet clipboard, books, sketchpad, even a DVD player in the corner!Sides & Above: Nothing other than a button/magnet board
    • Tables like these typically feature albums with all their art stored inside, rather than hung up like the other booth example.

This is a “comfortable” booth: not too loud, but not quiet either. Some advantages:

  • Approachable, very open: depending on your style, it might behoove you to NOT be cluttered with so many hanging displays and busy table bits.
    • He also leaves room to draw where someone can see, rather than hide behind his sketchbook.
  • Display is clear, more geared to his professional work: he showcases some of his art, but not too much where it overloads the senses
  • The banner is advantageous: shows information that may not otherwise be shown on his other merchandise

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