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We Print Large Vinyl Banners and Huge Wall Graphics

Large Format Banners are perfect for your convention or concert. Their size alone can capture the essence of your business, your event, or your advertisement, with no limit to color or font choice! With six top-of-the-line large format printers, there's no job that's too big for us.

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What is a Large Format Banner?

Here at Banne4Sale we refer to large fomat vinyl banners as banners larger than 10ft wide and 10ft tall. Sure, all banners can be considered large format but we prefer to call our large format vinyl banners what they really are, HUGE! We can print a large format banner on any of the material that we offer, however, the majority of super huge banners we print are printed on 13 oz. Matte Vinyl at cheapest prices. This is because 13 oz material is both lightweight and durable, and when you get into really big sizes, the thicker the material, the heavier the banner.

Large Vinyl Banners Printing: Examples We Have Printed

Large Vinyl Banners for Surf Contest

Big Vinyl Banners for Outdoors
The above images show some super huge banners printing for a surfing contest near San Clemente, CA. We took the photos far away because wanted to try and capture the shear size of them. As you can see they were huge!

Huge Banners for Volcom
The image above shows a large format banner printing for Volcom. This one was awesome because it was so bright. You could feel your face light up blue when you were standing next to it looking at it.

Obey Vinyl Banners

Custom Printed Obey Banner

Vinyl Banners for Obey and Shepard
The banners shown above were printed for Shepard Fairey for Obey. It was a huge 13 oz. vinyl banner that Shepard hung outside to promote Obey. As you can see from the images that is an RV/motor-home next to it. The last image you can see one our guys in production holding the banner in the top right corner, you can use that as a reference for size.

Large Banner for Airborne

Big Square Banner With Lots of color
The two images above are some random photos from our archive of large format banners printing that we have done. As you can see they are huge banners, both printed on 13 oz. matte vinyl.

Supercross Banners

Outdoor Supercross Vinyl Banners
The two images above show some banners we printed for a SuperCross / Monster Truck event. As you can see they were huge white banners with black text to promote Ford motor company.

The Big & The Bold

If you've ever gone to a ball park or stadium, you've probably seen large banner advertisements that line the walls. Use Large Format Banners to show your support for your team, whether it's a local team, your child's, or your city sports team.  With extra large vinyl banners, readability is never a problem! Text can be easily seen from across a field or across a stage.

Band Banners for Backdrop
In the image above you can see a cloth banner printed. This one was so cool because when it was hung up it looked so smooth. We wanted to show this image here to show how we can print on cloth and other cloth-like materials. Our favorite material to print on eco-display.

Christian Band Banners
The image above shows a banner that we printed for an American Christian metalcore band. They used it for their backdrop on tour. It looked amazing when it was hung up on stage.

Art shows and conventions are great places for large format banners. No advertisements needed! Use Large Format to showcase your latest artistic piece and other samples. If your show or convention has a theme, use a large format banner to display the name, the logo, location information, and much more.

If you're holding a banquet or dance at school, church, or other large venue, use Large Format Banners so your attendees can find their way to your event. Include big images to coincide with your theme and the name of your special night!


Large Format Banners can be more expensive to print and ship when compared to a regular vinyl banner, but this is mostly due to the sheer size and weight. These banners are made from a durable material that will last for years, which make them a great investment in spite of the price. All of our products are available at cheap price with satisfaction guaranteed from the moment they leave the shop. Check out the chart below to see the exact pricing for different sizes and material.

Square footage cheapest prices when printing extra large vinyl banners over 200 Sq Ft.


13 oz. matte

Mesh Extreme


10ft x 10ft




10ft x 12ft




10ft x 15ft




10ft x 20ft




10ft x 21ft



200+ Sq Ft discount

10ft x 25ft



200+ Sq Ft discount

10ft x 30ft



200+ Sq Ft discount

10ft x 40ft



200+ Sq Ft discount

20ft x 30ft



200+ Sq Ft discount

40ft x 40ft



200+ Sq Ft discount

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