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  • Green Eileen

    We enjoy working with businesses that adhere to similar environmental friendly working conditions. We feel not alone in this journey to change and save our world to make it a better place.Greeneileen_bannersEileen Fisher is one of them. Eileen Fisher, a very minimalistic women's clothing brand, started a program called Green Eileen to support the environment, and also to better the lives of women and girls. Through the many non-profit programs Green Eileen offers and supports, they give women and girls opportunities for self-empowerment and for their voices to be heard in this world.

    Greeneileen_BannersforsaleThe garment industry is a large industry that wastes a lot of their fabrics and contributes to air pollution. An average American throws away about 70 pounds of clothes each year. Green Eileen is a collection of gently used or donated Eileen Fisher clothing, which allows people to reuse the "waste" and make something out of it.  Were helping them spread the word about their Green Eileen collection with few green vinyl banners.

    Similarly, we are 100% equipped by solar panels on our roof, which means all the electricity that is used in our office and warehouse is produced naturally from the sun. We are glad to know that we are working with others who care just as much about our world and the people around us.

  • Redwood City Events

    Wherever it is that you call home, having a sense of community at home is extremely beneficial. Being apart of a community will lead to living a happier life, and communities as a whole make society better because they offer assistance and support to individuals within the community, also providing stability.

    One of the most common ways to foster a sense of the community starts with organizations. The areas with the greatest sense of community have either a city department dedicated to parks and recreation, or a citizen ran group that organizes to create events and opportunities for fellow citizens. redwood city events banner4saleWithout a group or city department organizing events and distributing resources, it will be hard to create a sense of community since you won’t have the means to bring people of the community together.

    redwood city events vinyl banner

    Redwood City is lucky enough to have a Parks & Art Foundation dedicated to developing and supporting recreational programming, community services, and cultural activities. This enables them to have a wide variety of events throughout the year, appealing to as many interests as possible. Being at these events allows you to meet other members of your community, but more importantly it gives one the sense of belonging to the community.

    Redwood City came to us looking for banners to advertise some of their events in the future, and of course we wanted to contribute to their community! We created vinyl banners for their Salsa Festival, Oktoberfest, and a circus that will be in town.redwood city events banners

    These are unlike any banners we’ve done before, as we had to specially fabricate them to fit on crowd barricades. No worries for our team though! Each barricade connects on the left side, so we created an opening on the banners where each barricade could latch on to the clips for the next.

    These banners came out great and definitely make me want to see what these Redwood City events are all about!

  • Wiens Brewing

    If you’ve ever been to Temecula, then you’ve heard or experienced the influence of wine in the region. Many call Temecula Southern California’s wine country, and with over 50 types of wine available the city lives up to its name. Believe it or not, the large availability of wine has created a new competing market in the area, craft beer!

    Craft breweries have begun popping up left and right in Temecula, and this can partially be attributed to their adapting of barrel aging techniques that are used to create wine. Today, there are 8 different craft breweries in the Temecula area, providing all types of beers and flavors to choose from.

    Wiens Brewing Co rollup vinyl banner

    Wiens Brewing Co (pronounced “WEENZ”) is one of these breweries, and they along with the other breweries have quickly gotten involved in being part of the community. One of the neat things about Wiens Brewing Co is that they began with a winery, Wiens Family Cellars, so the barrel aging process is nothing unfamiliar to them. Wiens Brewing Co took part in the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival for the first time, where vendors of food, beer, and wine from across the Temecula Valley display their flavors.

    This includes a Food & Wine pairing where chefs prepare multiple courses each having its own complimentary wine. There is also a Beer & Food pairing where each course is prepared with a different beer and chef, and participants get to sample each beer used in the recipe.

    Wiens Brewing Co needed some signage for the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival, and we gave them just what they needed. In an effort to promote two of their beers, we created two retractable banner stands for their Deadpan Pilsner and Insomnia IPA. We also created a large banner of their name for the front of the festival.

    With prior experience in the field, Wiens Brewing is definitely a brewing company worth giving a taste.

  • Shepard Fairey X Interpol

    There's not too much that beats viewing art around the city. No...not an art gallery in the city...but actual art that is around and on the city. Murals are a great way of capturing art in the city, take the Jeff Soto mural behind Pixels for example, but are often seen as graffiti and are not given the respect they deserve.

    shepard fairey interpol banner

    We got to help put art around the city once again but in a different fashion this time. Getting to work with the legendary Shepard Fairey, he created an awesome graphic for Interpol and their song  “Everything is Wrong” off their latest album El Pintor. This image was also used for the record cover of the single.

    shepard fairey interpol banner banner4sale

    Once Shepard made the sweet design, we printed a larger than life vinyl banner that is currently hanging on the side of his Studio Number One. Its always fun getting to print for great artists like Shepard Fairey!

  • 1989 Taylor Swift World Tour

    If you’ve heard about any of the big names in music recently, then Taylor Swift is nothing unfamiliar to you. Within the past decade, she has gone from releasing her debut album at only 16, and has catapulted into stardom, now being one of the most famous artists in our country and having over 70 million likes on Facebook.

    To put it lightly, she’s become a pretty big deal around the world. Whether it be her melodic voice, her stunning appearance, or her jingle that you can’t get out of your head...the world is hooked on Taylor Swift. What do you do if the world is lovin’ everything about you? You go on tour of course!

    taylor swift 1989 world tour vinyl banner

    Releasing her album “1989” at the end of 2014, Taylor has given her fans more of the music that they love and now they’ll have the chance to see it! Taylor Swift will be going on the 1989 World Tour, with a total of 78 tour dates across North America, Europe, and Asia.

    In need of signage to advertise and be used during her world tour, we were asked to create some custom banners for her big trip! With her album titled 1989, of course the theme of the tour has to be in 1989! We created a banner of The 1989 World Tour written in a neon sign, and another of Taylor in a trendy outfit with her name and tour name above her and a copy of her album beside her.

    taylor swift 1989 world your vinyl banner

    We hope everyone enjoys Taylor Swift’s tour, as well as the signage we got to do for it!

  • Grow Riverside

    In California, our beautiful environment isn’t doing so well in terms of being “environmentally healthy”. Pollution in metropolitan cities is steadily increasing, climate change is oddly changing our weather patterns, and to top it all off we are in one of the worst droughts we’ve ever seen. In light of all these detrimental conditions, we must start taking action to make our environment healthier.

    Grow Riverside

    To change our environment, we have to start with changing our community first. In our community, a few initiatives have been put together by a group of organizations in order to achieve this. It is always uplifting to see a group of organizations work together to help out their community, and this type of cohesion is needed in order to make large-scale changes.

    Grow Riverside is a program whose goal is to create and promote a local sustainable food and agriculture system benefitting the community, environment, and economy of Riverside. The creators of the program wanted to reconnect Riverside to the rich agricultural history that founded the city, while aiming to solve problems faced today.

    Grow Riverside 2nd annual conference banner

    This program is jointly-organized by the City of Riverside and Seedstock, a company that develops local sustainable food systems through consultation and resource allocation. The key word here is sustainability, and creating an agriculture system that doesn’t deplete any more resources that our state can’t afford to lose.

    Grow Riverside custom banner

    We fully believe in sustainability and bettering the community, so we were honored to help Grow Riverside when they asked us to make a banner for their 2nd annual conference highlighting the future of local food.

    Grow Riverside banner4sale

    Large in the center is the Grow Riverside name along with the name of the conference and the date. Below this, the neat Grow Riverside logo and website colorfully take up the bottom of the banner.

    Grow Riverside vinyl banner

    While this program may not be providing the biggest conservation, it is helping reduce some water use and promoting sustainable methods, which will reduce resource use in the future.

  • Outrigger Resorts

    Its becoming that time of year again! The weather is warming up, school calendars are just about finished, and everyone is anxious for summer to start! Whether you have the time off like all the teachers we’re jealous of or not, everyone should enjoy their summers as if summer breaks still existed! I’m not saying to write off all your responsibilities, but have some fun and enjoy the weather however you please!

    So what are you gonna plan for summer? Go out to events? Go out to eat? Time to think larger. Going on a vacation may be the most relaxing thing thing you do, and with so many beautiful places to see the sooner you start exploring the better!

    Some of the most appealing vacation spots are those with breath-taking views, and these can be found on corners of the world we would never think to look for them. Thankfully, there are places that turn every rock looking for amazing spots to getaway, Outrigger Resorts is one of them.

    outrigger resorts custom banner

    Outrigger Resorts specializes in connecting people with resorts and accommodations to a variety of tropical destinations around the world. Some of their locations include 4 of the Hawaiian Islands, Australia, Fiji, Guam, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Mauritius (island off the African coast), and the Maldives (island off the Indian coast).

    outrigger resorts banner

    Outrigger takes people to some of the most beautiful locations in the world, so when they came to us needing a banner we wanted to properly show where their resorts can take you. With a picture from them, we created a HUGE banner of a group of small boats sitting on the water with a large group of stunning rocks behind them. The ocean continues past the rocks and blends in seamlessly with the blue of the sky, making it an amazing sight to see.

    Outrigger Resorts vinyl banner

    This banner is just a small glimpse of all the places Outrigger Resorts can take you, see what other spectacles await!

  • Stagecoach Music Festival

    Coachella round 2 anyone? Even if you’re still pooped from the past two weekends, you may have to hear this one out. Believe it or not there is a second music festival held at the Empire Polo Grounds the weekend after the Coachella madness. Both being ran by the same company, Stagecoach is considered the cousin of Coachella, but this festival has a complete different focus. Unlike Coachella’s broad range of artists encompassing many genres, Stagecoach has one musical focus, country.

    stagecoach name wood print

    Stagecoach is solely dedicated to country music and bringing out the best country artists of today. Some of the artists headlining this years festival include Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley, The Band Perry, and ZZ Top. Stagecoach is a much newer festival compared to Coachella, but since 2007 the festival has grown exponentially and has begun receiving sellout crowds.

    stagecoach mane stage

    One of the best parts of large music festivals, besides the music of course, are all the attractions on the festival grounds. For Stagecoach, there are a variety of well-known food and beverage vendors that come from all over the country such as Ruth’s Chris Steak House and Pink’s Hot Dogs. Food isn’t the only thing you can get besides music, on top of these eateries there are also multiple full bars, cantinas, and even a petting zoo for the kids!

    There are some amazing food vendors that come out, but each year they have to compete with the barbeque contest. Through the Kansas City BBQ Society, the Stagecoach Invitational BBQ Championship was created bringing teams from around the country to put their grillin’ skills to the test. They even created a trophy, deeming it the KCBS California state championship.

    stagecoach bbq

    Large festivals such as Stagecoach provide so many things to do for everyone, which allows us to be all the more creative when making the festival’s signage. Starting with the entrance, we covered the wristband scanners with vinyl. Coroplast signs were used for the Half-Pint Hootenanny, water refill station, petting zoo, vendor price listing, and the honkeytonk.

    stagecoach wristband banner 10-23-15 stagecoach water stagecoach water refill stagecoach half pint hootenanny stagecoach desert sand art stagecoach coroplast signsstagecoach signs

    Wood was used for the BBQ, the petting zoo, the picnic area, the RV site, stage set times, and vendor names across the festival.

    stagecoach petting zoo stagecoach picnic area

    stagecoach RV activities  stagecoach topa topa flywheelers  stagecoach honkeytonk


    And even these awesome prints that will turn you into a cowboy or cowgirl!

    stagecoach cowgirl stagecoach cowboy

    This year's Stagecoach should be a great time and we hope our signage adds to the experience for everyone!

  • Fountain Springs Church

    With April right around the corner, Easter preparations are well underway. Painting eggs, eating spring-themed candy and chocolate Easter bunnies are just part of getting into the Easter spirit. Aside from all the bright colors and candy that Easter may provide us, it is a religious holiday of the Christian faith, so we must respect this aspect of the holiday. Christian churches across the country will be having services for the holiday, but one will tailor their message based on the target audience.

    Fountain Springs Church has excelled at providing groups of all ages with activities at their church making it an all inclusive family experience. While the adults experience a more traditional service, there are programs for nursery, preschool, elementary, and pre-teens so kids can have a more engaged experience instead of a lecture style teaching, so they do not get bored as quickly. Fountain Springs emphasizes the importance of cultivating the next generation of young adults and children, which is why they create programs for each age group of youth. There are also weekly gatherings for both middle school and high school students allowing them to apply their faith when analyzing daily occurrences as well as events in the world.

    Easter Church Banner

    In order to promote their Easter celebration on their elementary school campus, Fountain Springs Church wanted a outdoor banner done to show the way they’ve influenced peoples lives. With a group of pictures they sent us from their services and events, we made a collage out of the banner, using the pictures as the background for the banner. In the center of the banner, “Easter at the Civic Center” is written largely in a teal circle. On the top of the banner, the church’s website is present with a teal background to contrast the rest of the collage. Going across the bottom of the banner are the dates and times of the two Easter services being offered, also with a teal background to be more visible. The result is a beautiful banner that has enough color and contrast to catch the eye without being too overwhelming, the perfect display for Fountain Springs’ Easter services.

    Easter at the Civic Center vinyl banner

    We also created banners for their nursery.

    large vinyl banner

    As well as their name.

    Fountain springs church banner

  • CBU Daytime MBA and Safety Services Wrap

    In the age of the start-up, business acumen is more important than ever. With IPOs and venture capital investment rapidly increasing year by year, the opportunity for getting into business has only gotten brighter. Given the proper training, succeeding in the business world is very feasible. Luckily for us, we have one of the premier business schools right in our backyard in Southern California.

    California baptist university

    Ranked as a U.S. News & World Report Best College for more than a decade, California Baptist University has designed an educational experience that equips the mind while energizing the heart. More than 7,000 students from across the nation and world travel here to discover and live their purpose from among more than 150 majors and concentrations including accounting, engineering, marketing, music, nursing and theology.

    The Jabs School of Business at California Baptist University has excelled at providing students with the skills needed to engage, analyze, and improve business operations. On top of the bachelors’ available in accounting, administration, and marketing, there are some new options in the MBA program. The Daytime MBA is a new, accelerated one year program that is designed to be flexible for the young professional. The program has class once a week, and places you in a paid internship allowing students to directly apply the knowledge they receive. Students also receive mentorship throughout the process to ensure that they have the assistance they need.


    In order to promote their new Daytime MBA program, the Jabs School of Business contacted us and we knew just the solution that would work. Targeting a high traffic area, we created a huge vinyl banner which was placed on the Wallace Theatre wall, making it noticeably visible when walking between the business school and the dining hall. Highlighting the focal points of the program, the banner is attention-grabbing and concise.


    The new Daytime MBA program should be a huge success, allowing students to get valuable experience while getting their degree simultaneously to prepare them for the new age of business.

    We didn’t stop at just making banners for CBU, we even took care of their vehicle wrap needs. The CBU safety services wanted to distinguish their vehicle from the average SUV for identification purposes and we definitely separated them from the crowd.

    CBU safety services car wrap

    The design begins with a matte navy blue wrap around the whole car which includes the back two windows and the back windshield. CBU safety services is big in white across the doors on each side, with the school’s alternate logo besides it in gold. Next to the logo towards the back of the car is the slogan “service, safety, security” as another way to distinguish their role on campus. The hood of the car also has their name and on the trunk door is their phone number.

    This wrap does a great job of adding a modern touch to the traditional, blue law enforcement look. CBU safety services will be clearly distinguishable on campus to those they are trying to provide security to as well as those they are trying to prevent.


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