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  • Adoption Journey Conference

    adoption journey conference

    Large vinyl banners are by far the most versatile and inexpensive source advertisement we could think of. Ideally, you can print one banner for an annual event and reuse it for years. You just need to roll it up and keep it safe for the upcoming event. Here at Banner4sale, we have worked with a variety of companies that all have different purposes for their banners. They range from conferences, events, back drops and many more. For instance, Adoption Journey Conference recently put in an order for two banners for their upcoming conference. Adoption Journey Conference is an event hosted by County Line Church of God. Through this conference, they want to raise awareness and support, specifically in the Northeast Indiana region, those who are interested in adoption or have adopted.

    adoption journey conference banner

    We love working with people who support such a great cause because we feel as if we are contributing towards their awesome journey. The first banner we created was their vertical welcome sign. Adoption Journey Conference does a great job in keeping their banners simple and professional with a bold headline and an important image, their logo. According to their website, their logo is extremely unique because every part of it has a significance.

    The path reflects the journey that parents, families, and orphans travel down. The mountains represent the highs and lows that families experience throughout the adoption process. The highs can be filled with joy, while the valleys can be full of disappointment. The cross represents the one act that opened the doors for all of humanity to be adopted into the family of God. The color scheme (red, yellow, black, and white) is a reminder of  God’s love for all of humanity, in particular “the  little children of the world.”

    To learn more about the Adoption Journey Conference and what they do, visit their webpage at Adoption Journey Conference

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