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The Who 50th Anniversary Tour

Who’s that? The Who is who it is. One of the most influential rock bands of the 20th century, The Who introduced many new concepts to rock, including rock opera, while staying true to the sound. Their style was unique compared to the bands of their time like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, they focused on the problems they knew people were dealing with, and this resulted in great success for them.

The Who 50th Anniversary Tour photos

The Who is a staple of rock music, and to commemorate their anniversary, they knew they couldn’t stop anywhere short of amazing. The Who is going on a legendary 50th anniversary tour across North America and Europe, to celebrate their golden anniversary.

Lead singer Roger Daltrey has been quoted in Rolling Stone saying that this tour is the beginning of a long goodbye, giving the tour that much more significance. The tour will be ran by AEG, an entertainment group that is dedicated to providing all aspects of live music performances for groups and performers. Knowing this is The Who’s last WHOrah makes creating the best tour possible a top priority.

The Who Anniversary Tour promo prints

AEG wanted to make every aspect of this tour spectacular, from when you enter to when you exit. With their VIP meet and greet in mind, they came to us wanting a display for their meet and greet. With a collection of photos from many different decades, we created collages of their history to be displayed when they meet their faithful. Rather than a vinyl  banner or other material, we chose to put these collages on metal, so they could be used at each tour stop without going through any wear and tear while also being able to stand on their own.

The Who 50th Anniversary Tour by AEG

The final products are great pieces that fans will be able to take pictures by while meeting Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend, adding to the memories for The Who as well as their loyal fans.

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