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The June Tune - Banners for Summer Celebrations

Alright, so there’s some major celebrations coming down the pipe this summer, and they all start in June. Here at Banner4Sale, we’ve got all kinds of banner material to adjust to your needs, be it outdoors, inside, against a wall, whatever!

Father’s Day

“The Day of the Dads” is Sunday, June 16th, and that’s the one day of the year that a dad can sit back, relax, and enjoy his plethora or cheesy ties and weird runny eggs that his child cooked. Awww.

But not all fathers are going to be home for Father’s Day. There’s a lot of them overseas as well, and it doesn’t have Father’s Day to make them a banner. Create a custom banner that’ll welcome him home with open arms, something that you can keep to remember the moment by as well.

If Father’s Day is a huge family affair for your kin, then make a big party banner to celebrate dads in your family. I have an uncle whose birthday happens to fall on Father’s Day this year, so we’re doing a big two-in-one party for him and my dad.


The next big June celebration are the countless graduations going on. Holy crap.

As I said in the previous post on Grad Banners, there are some schools that don’t like the constant noise-makers during the name-reading and walking, so creating a custom banner or poster is actually preferred! Have your child feel special on their milestone day by creating a great banner that the whole graduating class can see. And maybe embarrass them. Just a little.

Fourth of July

Alright, so this isn’t in the month of June, but May and June is when you start planning, of course.

Fourth of July. Big deal. There’s fireworks, barbecues, beach parties...the whole nation stops for a night to celebrate our awesomeness.

There will be parades. There will be parties. And the number one tool for each of these events is advertisements. Is you club in the neighborhood parade? Create a custom banner for parade goers to know who you are.

What I love to go to are movies in the park. Giant projector screens, usually hosted by Time Warner Cable and other providers. Plan a movie viewing in a park or in your backyard and invite the neighborhood. We have a plethora of outdoor banners for your event, guaranteed to last above and beyond.

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