Affordable, Eco-friendly Banners and Yard Signs


  • Riverside Community Health Agency

    This banner for a demonstration booth shows the versatility of the banners we can do. Not only does it incorporate graphics and several high resolution photos, it has been hemmed using velcro hooks instead of grommets so it can be affixed to the carpeted booth wall behind the presentation. If you'd like to spice up your trade show booth or presentation display with a custom banner, please call Marc at 951-684-1111.

  • Riverside Vikings Team Banner

    Banners for your team or organization are a no brainer. They are light, portable, easy to store, roll up for easy transport, and can be set up very quickly. We hem and grommet all of our banners for easy hanging, and can even sew pole pockets on each side for polls or stakes to prop up the banner in the ground for display. They are very durable and inexpensive. These banners can last for years. Just send us an email with your artwork and we'll do the rest! We can usually get your completed banner shipped out in a few days and on it's way to you and your people!

  • Robot Stage Banner for "The Spazmatics" Band

    The nerdy members of the band "The Spazmatics" love 80's music. They also love robots. We worked very closely with them to print a big 10' x 14' 13 oz full color banner that would show "mad respect" to robots but also "represent" them old and new. Also, to remind the crowd who was on stage delivering the rock. We think with this banner optimal effect was achieved. You can see this banner in action behind The Spazmatics at one of their shows near you. A full color banner of your band, behind your band, is the best way of keeping your name in the audience's mind during your set. Get hold of us and find out how to get yours today. 951-684-3111 ask for Marc.  

  • Large Scott Equipment Rental Banner

    Here's a big 5' x 20' banner done for Scott Equipment. Scott was looking to capitalize on the passing traffic by using this banner next to some of the machinery they rent. This big banner is simple and clean. What they do, their contact info and logo in a clean layout. If you only have a moment to grab people's attention, you must be effective. Monster Media is here to help!

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