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Banners, banners, banners.

That's the only reason you're here right? Given the name of our site, it totally makes sense. If you've managed to find your way to this post that means your hunger for knowledge is still growling in the belly of your brain. Sure you've noticed all the fancy words and flattering pictures cataloging all of our impressive feats in the world of banner printing, but so what? To the average person, it just sounds like something they should perceive as impressive even though they don't have a full understanding what any of your typical printing/design mumbo jumbo actually means. Having quite the history of working long stints for huge corporate entities that have a stake in the printing biz, I can assure you these long-winded descriptions are primarily used to dazzle unsuspecting customers with shiny buzzwords. Other times it can be used to discourage a customers absurd request, my most favorite being: "Can you guys scan in this picture of me and my Ex and cover up his face with a palm tree or something?"

This blog post (with hopefully more to follow) is intended to help the average person better understand Banners and the printing process in general, so that even if you choose to go with another vendor for your printing needs, you'll still know what assets and materials are needed for your printing projects. This means for once in your life, you'll finally know what to say when the dirty hipster behind the counter at the local Repro shop tells you some half-baked lie on why he can't print your presentation because he'd much rather impress his co-workers with his Game of Thrones conspiracy theories instead of helping you.

If you've poked around our site (which one again, if you're here I'm assuming you already have), you've noticed the "TOP SIX REASONS" why customers should patronize our business. Some people might gloss over it, others might skim, both thinking this information to be some sort of homogenization of key words that will show up on a random google search in the hopes of directing traffic to this site. Maybe they think we came up with six reasons at random by throwing darts at a wall littered in post-it notes with suggestions scribbled on them. (Which is coincidentally the same method the writers of "Family Guy" implement to write a new show each week.) The truth of the matter is that over years of refining our process and methods, we realized these six attributes allowed us to stand out from the competition, making our company unique in terms of banner printing.

So what are these 6 reasons, how did they come to be, and what do they all mean? Let's go over each one individually to gain a better understanding by deconstructing each claim starting with the first...

1. WE PRINT YOUR VINYL BANNERS Pretty self explanatory right? You'd think so, but what you don't realize is how much of banner work is actually outsourced. In some instances a banner site can be facade for a broker. A Broker is someone who organizes transactions between a buyer and a seller. In most cases customers are unaware that their job is being passed off to an entirely different business altogether. Brokered jobs are have a considerably higher cost since there's a 3rd party involved. This means the job costs more since the broker has to turn a profit from his arranged transaction. In other cases, some business are based outside of the US, in countries such as India or China, with a home office/website in the US acting as a gateway for business. These companies discreetly ship the artwork and files overseas where they are crammed through their huge printing facility with not so much as a single person inspecting the image provided. This means that if there's any issues with your artwork, ranging from low resolution to being formatted incorrectly, it will go unnoticed with the end result being a poorly printed banner. Once printed, the banner's are shipped directly to the customer from the international factory with the address on the package reflecting their US office giving the appearance that your order was personally handled by one of the warm smiling faces found on their website. (SPOILER ALERT: That's just a stock photo)

Banner4Sale's printing process operates in a more personal manner. Once an order is placed, our Design Department is notified of your order and its specifications. Your order is carefully reviewed by one of our Graphic Artists making sure that every aspect of the artwork is correct before even being considered for printing. This means we make sure the image used for your banner will be nice and crisp once printed, we also double check the text in your artwork making sure everything is spelled correctly, and finally we make sure that any finishing options requested by the customer does not interfere with the actual design itself (i.e. hem/grommet going through a body of text). If there are any issues with the artwork provided, Banner4sale will work closely with the client by walking them through the necessary corrections needed for a perfect banner. Once optimized for digital printing, your file and job order is passed over to our talented production team who double checks the entire order itself before printing making sure any wrinkles in the design step of the process have been smoothed out. Once the printing process begins, a production assistant will monitor the job and frequently inspect the finished product being printed to ensure the quality of your banner. After your banner is printed, an additional production assistant reviews the order (as well as any finishing requests) making sure the desires made by the customer match the completed banner before finishing (if any) is applied to the banner itself. Now that the banner has been printed and completed ready to ship, it goes through one final inspection to make sure everything is correct before we neatly roll it up into a tube and ship it to your address.

Throughout the entire process someone is constantly checking the quality of your product regardless of what stage your order is in. No recordings, no automated responses, just real human beings. So what we really mean is "WE TAKE YOUR ORDER. CHECK YOUR ARTWORK. PREPARE IT FOR PRINTING. CHECK IT AGAIN. MAKE SURE IT'S PRINTED/FINISHED CORRECTLY. THEN WE CHECK IT ONE LAST TIME BEFORE WE SHIP IT TO YOU.".

"WE PRINT YOUR VINYL BANNERS" is just less verbose. ;)

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