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As we discussed in my last post, we discovered why people experience a great deal of indecision when attempting to select an ideal vendor for banner printing, and that the root cause of this uncertainty amongst consumers is that they are unfamiliar with that actual process itself. In this series of blogposts, I will attempt to relate crucial details as to why you should consider patronizing our business, so that you can gain a better insight as to why and how we have set the definitive standard for online banner printing by reviewing our "TOP SIX REASONS". This reveals why Banner4sale is an excellent choice for all your printing needs. Last week I went into great detail describing the intimate process (Reason #1) that we have streamlined over the years, going over the birth of a banner from the initial concept stage to the finished product, and how various members of staff oversee every aspect carefully during the entire process. Now that everyone is caught up to speed. we can move forward (and I can finally stop talking like a James Bond villain).

REAONS #2: AMAZING QUALITY YOU CAN SEE A common misconception amongst the exciting and fascinating world of banner printing is that Banner's will only be seen from a great distance. While this may be true for larger format banners utilized for outdoor events, concerts, billboards, etc, it's very common to see smaller banners up close or at eye level, which can be used for a greater advertising advantage. If you're displaying a banner in a high traffic area where people don't have to squint to look at it, then there's a greater chance that they'll become more susceptible to suggestion. That means if they're hungry and you own a pizza shop, walking past a giant picture of an awesome mouth-watering slice of slice of pepperoni pizza is going to make their tummy-rumble. (Hell, I'm starting to salivate myself after reading that last sentence.) :O

An important contributing factor that will further enhance interest in your services is crisp and vibrant images to help convey your message. Continuing with our pizza example (gimme a break, it's almost lunch time), if someone walked past your banner, and the image displayed was a cruddy pixelated/jagged photo of a slice of pizza that looks like someone cut out using the lasso tool in Photoshop, than most people will assume that your pizza is just as crappy as it looks in that picture and probably decide to eat elsewhere. So now that we know we should be using only the highest quality images for our banner, we can just pick any ol' random Printing business to make our banner, right? Wrong. Hi-Res artwork is only half of it, the second half is finding a business that can print at a high DPI.

What is DPI you ask? Well, every single photo you see in printed publications or on the web are bitmap images. Bitmap images are created by thousands of tiny colored pixels. When viewed at 100%, it looks like a normal photograph. That's why when you blow up an smaller picture, it tends to look jagged and blocky. This is where DPI comes into play, its an acronym that stands for "DOTS PER INCH", which is used to measure the resolution of a digital image. The higher the DPI of an image, the bigger/better quality it is. DPI is a huge factor that comes into play regarding the quality of a banner when designing the artwork, but it's also kind of a big deal in terms of printing the banner. High quality images go a long way in making for a beautiful finished product, but if it comes off a printer that prints at a low DPI, then it can result in a wash. Fortunately, our large format printers here at Banner4sale can not only print on a wide selection of materials to suit your needs, it can also print images at a1200 DPI quality, making the image just as crisp as it appears on your computer monitor. (Unless it's covered in cheeto-dust smudges)

Not only can our printers output images at an incredibly high DPI, but we're so confident that you'll be impressed with your banner when you get it that all of our products are backed with a Quality Guarantee to make sure all of our customers go home happy.

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