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  • Of Pencils and Apples: Back to School Banner Fever

    As the commercials put it, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year!~”

    And your kids in the back seat are squirming, because they know what that means: Back to School time.

    Now, if you’re a teacher or a school supply business, there’s a chance you’re celebrating the student’s return with welcome gifts and store sales.  One way to encourage your new students is to create a Back to School banner!

    School Supply Sale Banners

    Let’s say you sell school supplies: the lists are coming from the teachers and, as we speak, the parents are lining up at your store to get the latest discounts.

    We offer quite a few options to display your big sale. For outdoor sales, or to hang on your storefront, we recommend our Outdoor Vinyl Banners, which are made from a sturdy vinyl material and are modified to suit the weather conditions of your location.

    If you have a large window display, we also offer Large Format Banners. These banners can be sized to fit any display, or to hang from the side of a building. Your building, perhaps?

    Banners for Schools!

    No redundancy intended, but perhaps you would like an actual banner for your school as well? It’s a great way to welcome back your students. Design it to feature your school’s mascot, slogan, or any recent achievements. Let the new students know that you care about them and the integrity of your school, by showing it with a warm and welcoming banner.

  • Where Are All My Visitors?: A Lesson from Web-Designers to Banners

    The Dilemma: What is Your Banner Missing?

     It is a perplexing thought for any web-owner: Why are people not staying on my website??According to Paul Scrivens of “Smashing Magazine”, the culprit could be in how your website was designed! Are you enabling your visitors to link or reblog to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.? Are these widgets hidden away in some corner of the page where no one can see? Is your layout attractive to the type of consumer you want?These same questions can be applied to any business owner looking to design a banner: what kind of information do I need? What do I need to add?

    Turn the Tables: Jumping on the Linking Train with Banners

    Scrivens suggests that enabling your visitors to connect to social media outlets or at least be able to comment directly on your site, can drastically increase the traffic to your site.With a banner nowadays, adding links to your business is just as important as telling your customer what you do. It’s a memory trick: you give them the means to find you, and don’t let them forget you, or trust me, they won’t even remember your logo. If you give them something to search when they get home, you might see an increase in your own business traffic.The lesson is clear: if your business or website is not up to date with the latest trends in interactive media or the social media world, then the consumer world is whizzing by without you!

    Read the article in full here!
  • Funky Shapes & Geometric Banner Design

    We're always talking about getting back to the organic shapes from Mother Nature, or going towards the future with sleek, stylized, and stream-lined looks, but here's a thought: would it behoove your business to have your next banner be filled with geometric images?

    I know, I know, it was a style that died with the 80's, but that's not entirely accurate. That boost to your advertising could very well be drawn from the past. Not only is it nostalgic for an older audience, but it introduces your younger demographic to something beyond their generation. Boost the image with some pounding color, and you're sure to stand out on any bus stop and lobby that it's posted.

    Geometric Banner Text

    Make your text into geometric shapes as well! It's a throwback, and sometimes can be difficult to read, but hey! At least it makes people stop and re-analyze your image.

    Brooke Francesi

    Either way, a return to shapes is still a feast for the eyes, even if you don't have much to say with it. Funky shapes on a banner could be that little push to get consumers into looking you up and exploring your business.

    James White

    I was taking a gander at Cisco Merel, a Panama artist who dwells in abstract shapes and color segmenting for his art. Take a look at his website: Cisco.

  • Give Your Next Banner a Hand!

    It's that time of the week again: brainstorming for a new banner advertisement. If you're looking for something quirky for your next banner design, then look no further than down at the keyboard... Look down... Down... It's your hand. Surprised?

    It's said that the human hand is the most expressive part of the body, and it's quite versatile with that lovely opposable thumb. But some artists have taken the appendage a step further, and brought character to the fingers. By using tricks with lighting and with the pen, they've transformed their fingers into some of the most human of characters.

    When it comes to attracting the attention of new customers, laughter and quirkiness tend to make the grade.  Making expressions from your fingers is unexpected and takes a second glance at your banner to make sense of it all. Grab their attention, and keep it. For your business, you can use finger people to express your closeness with customers, a spin on a new project, or anticipation of something to come.


    It doesn't always have to entail "human" expression either: get into the holidays with themed finger people, such the Halloween one below.

    See some more examples from Alephunky, a DeviantArt Artist.

  • Dazzle them in 3D!! - Banner Effects

    When it comes to choosing fonts and types, the possibilites are nearly limitless. But here's another choice you should make: would you like 3D with those types?

    With all the advancements in Photoshop and other graphic design fields, the answer is no longer "no" to most questions about special effects. You want the text to spill over a waterfall? They can do that. You want your business name to look like it's made of chocolate? No problemo. Fly at the viewer and the scare the bejeezus out of 'em? Okay, maybe not.

    Special Effects for Your Next Banner

    Regardless, 3D effects are becoming more popular and fun to look at. Consumers are more likely to notice a text that's popping off the page rather than an elaborately designed font, so it would behoove you to delve into the realm of 3D text.

    Imagine walking down the street and you see a sign with text popping out. Not only that, but it's glossed and looks like...plastic. That's pretty cool. You might even be tempted to run a hand across the sign. It's that realistic. This only one of many ways to get consumers to notice your product or business name. If you use the 3D effect often enough, consider it part of your brand and become instantly recognizable from anywhere. Let's look at some cool effects available today:


    Over at, author Nousheen Aquil has compiled a list of the latest and fun 3D effects out on the market, along with tutorials on how to do them. Aquil has highlighted some fun ones such as "Tasty" (made of food); "Ribbon" effect, and "Wooden" effects. At least take a look at the "Tasty" one: always makes me hungry...

    Check out the full article here!

  • Dorm Room Decals - Add Some Spark with Vinyl Wall Graphics

    It’s over: you’ve graduated high school. You’ve thrown your cap in the air, set a bonfire for all those notebooks, and signed so many yearbooks that the ink turned your hand blue.

    It’s summer time, so it’s time to break out the swimsuits, the sunscreen, and the shades. But for all you recently graduated high school seniors, that also means one thing: time to stock up for your future dorm room. Not everyone enjoys picking out dinnerware and bedsheets, but when it comes to wall decorations, stand apart from your roommate with your own creations!


    With vinyl wall graphics, they won’t stick to the walls permanently like nails and thumbtacks, so they’re easily removable. All you have to do is submit a design or whatever art piece that catches your fancy, and we’ll print it for you. :)  As you move around during your school career, you can take these funky prints with you wherever you go. Check out some of the examples below!

  • Paper for Banners: Embracing Your Inner Collage Artist

     The world of design is constantly changing and progressing, but sometimes that change includes a step back into the past. Not that paper collages are out of style, but if you’ve seen the latest commercials on television, a surprising number of them are using paper to animate then computers and Photoshop.

    Barracuda by Marjorie Pesek

    What is it about paper that captures our attention? Perhaps it’s the elementary school memories of messy glue projects and tissue paper, or those college photo collages that peppered your dorm room walls. Or maybe it’s due to the streamlined digital age that we live in, and seeing something handmade and organic tickles our fancy. In either case, Denise Fiedler awakens the inner collage-ist with her pieces made from her favorite books.

    Wing ChairBlue Low Heel

    Banners on the Page

    If you’re looking for a new design idea for your banner, draw on Denise Fiedler. Going back to the flat mediums such as paper collage, paper art, or even tree leaves could spark an interest in consumers that haven’t noticed you before. In this industry, even the loudest advertisements can be overcome with a flat, organic design that brings more emotion to the viewer. Even if you keep the same images that you're used to, changing the medium can make all the difference in the world.

    Denise Fiedler's work includes everything from fashion to furniture to dogs: all made of paper. It reawakens our child-like instincts, to see serious artistic pieces made from the simplest of mediums. A paper design for your next banner could definitely appeal to children, or at least the inner kid in all of us. Or perhaps your business is leaning towards a more greener path, and recycling papers and other organic material would appeal to that.

    Check out Denise Fiedler's website here!

  • Thinking Off-Canvas: The Resurgence of Watercolor Applications for Banners

    In every industry, trends of the past are slowly crawling back to the surface and reappearing in modern day. This is more prevalent in the design industry, now more than ever. Among the rising trends is with more organic-appearing designs and layouts: branches, inspired by nature, etc. But it doesn’t get much better or more vibrant than watercolor.

    The liquidity of the paint tends to inspire more fluid, natural pieces. Also, the layers of color somehow have a more naturally vibrant effect than layers of acrylic or digital work.

    By Marlies Merk Najaka


    Watercolor Comeback

    I  re-encountered this medium in an unexpected place: a comic book. it’s called “The Homeland Directive” by writer Robert Venditti and artist Mike Huddleston. It’s a pretty standard tale of government conspiracy, but what sets it apart is the emotion created by the contrasting coloring styles within the panels themselves. One such technique was with watercolors.

    Check out this page:

    From "The Homeland Directive"

    Notice how the watercolor leaves a sort of filtered and dusty view of the world, a world of noir, secrecy and throwaway phones.

    Add Some Splash to your Banners

    If watercolor can have this impact on a comic, why not in the advertising field as well? What about watercolor on banners? Why not?

    If your business is looking for a new vision for your banners, try a hand with watercolors. Refresh and re-engage your audience with a new look that’s more natural and fluid and appeals to the senses.  A banner with a watercolor design would definitely stand out from among the streamlined, bold prints that are out there today.

    For more examples of beautiful watercolor work to stimulate your creativity, check out this article from Noupe.

  • Business Cards and Banners: Big Things in Small Spaces

    If there’s one surefire way to give information in the most professional and delicate manner, it’s with a business card. These little guys have been around for decades, and have even transcended into the social atmosphere. Anything can be made with a business card! Dating! Babysitting! Shameless advertising for your next student short film!

    Regardless, business card makers know the jones about what to put and what not to put on business cards because of the limited space, and this same intimate knowledge can easily be applied to your next banner or sign.

    Banners: Sometimes Bigger Isn’t Always Better

    Although there is seemingly no end to the size of banners that can be produced, consider this: would you rather have a huge banner with lots and lots of text on it, or a reasonable size with a single impressionable image and noteworthy contact info? Probably the latter, right?

    Despite the size, be it a banner or a business card, the first impression is of the utmost importance. Let your banner speak for your business and what you’ve got to offer: include a  funky shape (such as your logo) or make it interactive with your recipients. Print a riddle and then give them a link or widget that they have to follow to unlock the answer! To leave more space for something eye-catching, you can include a QR code and a single thought-provoking image. Get the people curious about what you do and how you stand apart from the rest in your field.

    Funky shapes are a plus!Interactive!

    Personal Banners

    For artists, it's a similar story. An artist would want to include a sample piece, and perhaps some simple contact information (or a QR Code!) on their limited-spaced banner.

    Artists from San Diego Comic-Con

    For more cool and crazy examples of out-of-the-box business cards, check out this article on Smashing Magazine.

  • QR Codes: Scanners for Your Banners

    You’ve probably seen these around: little secret squares on posters, cars, and other street signs as you go about your day. But what are they?

    Let’s say you’re walking down the street, and you come across a wrapped car. It looks nice, and you’re thinking, hey! I like how that looks, or I like that artist. Well, if you spot a QR Code on the side of the advertisement, all you have to do is pull out your phone and use a free QR scanning app to scan the code. Your phone will automatically log the information that it receives from the code.

    These are the next evolution in bar codes! They’re designed to hold more data and respond faster than the standard bar code. Each QR Code can contain contact information, a web link or a deal that a consumer can scan and obtain for their use. Pretty handy! It’s also a clever way to let your customers know about upcoming promotions or new products.

    QR Codes are fantastic for interacting with your consumers. Not only are they actively participating in your promotion, but you can also create more QR Codes in response to their reactions! The more you give, the more they will take and keep coming back for more.

    There are websites out there that will help you design your own unique QR Code for your business. Since there is no limit to size with each QR Code, that means you aren’t limited to a certain size banner either. Most smartphones and tablets nowadays have the ability to scan QR Codes of all sizes, which can make for some pretty interesting and creatively designed banners.

    Madison Square Garden Not a banner, but still clever

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