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  • Planning an Outdoor Winter Event


    With Thanksgiving over, it’s time to pull on the stretchy pants and get back into the groove of the holidays! For those who love the rush of that cool mountain air, it’s time to break out the jackets and the snowboards, the ski caps and the mittens and get outdoors. Or...there’s always the beach out here on the West Coast.

    For others, though, the outdoors are a time to get together and have a great, ol’ holiday party. If you’re planning an outdoor event in a somewhat remote location this holiday season, than pay attention! Avoid the drama and the hypothermia by following these simple tips of the trade.

    1) Plan Ahead!

    Nothing truly great comes out of “Hey y’all, watch this!”

    Usually, it ends up over the toilet or in the hospital. The same goes for your event.

    DON’T drop everything and plan everything the day of the event. That sort of improvising creates risky situations for you, your guests, and your wallet! This is especially important if you’re planning an event for 15 or more guests.

    2) Location, Location, Location

    Check where your event is going to be: is it remote, or off the map? Is there enough room for recreational activities or food? Are you bringing supplies or having it shipped?

    These are the questions to consider when planning your event. If you’re collaborating with outside parties, like caterers etc., it’s advised that you all have a meeting on site to figure out the details and logistics of the event.

    It’s similar to how a director plans his shots for a film: where can you hide the utilities? What do you want seen up front? Is there room for your stage, and all the equipment that comes with it? Will you have to make signs or outdoor banners to point the way for your guests?

    One more thing: the weather! Mother Nature is a fearsome mistress, but don’t let her ruin your event. Research weather conditions for your location and what the weather is trending towards as you get closer and closer to your event.

    3) The Necessities


    Can’t have a party without food or drinks! Prepare an area where food can be stored, preferably a screened or tented area. This will prevent the pests from invading! If you find that you do have a pest problem prior to the event, have a back-up area for food, or call an exterminator.

    Utilities & Sanitation

    From what I can remember from fairs and festivals....porto-potties. Gotta have ‘em, and that’s pretty much a no-brainer. More importantly, especially around food, you’ll need a couple jugs of hand sanitizer.


    If your party goes way into the night, think of getting some lights up in there. With a tented event, consider some heaters if the winter winds get a little too much and start slipping under the tent slips.


    For events of 100+ guests, hire a staff. Be they family or friends or volunteers, make sure that you have people on hand who know exactly what’s going on and can answer any questions that the guests can throw at them.

  • Family Reunions: Organize the Mayhem

    We love our families. Well, most of the time. But when it comes to planning family reunions between far-reaching relatives, it can get a little hectic. Especially with your in-laws.

    But I am here to help you relieve some of that stress with a few tips on how to create a fun and crazy-free family reunion that will go down in the annals of your history. Trust me!

    1) Make the Date

    There is nothing more frustrating than someone changing the date or location of the reunion at the last minute, even if it's just across the street from your original location. Make an official location, or have someone you trust do it. Don't be a flake and plan it last minute: that doesn't make anyone very happy.

    2) Stick to the Guest List

    Be sure to know everyone who is coming to this reunion. If need be, for much larger parties, employ some family to act as bouncers so you don't have to deal with party crashers.


    3) Don't Plan ALONE

    Much like what I said with the Bridal Shower post the other day, it's a bad bad world for a solo party planner. Split up the duties amongst your most trusted family members: have one person organize food, another organize custom banners and decorations, and someone else think of games and activities. You may be the head of the party-planning beast, but at least your wallet won't take a beating. In the end, pool your receipts together and split it evenly among the families for drama-free payments.

    4) Pre-Prepare the Food

    It seems a little redundant to "pre-prepare" something, but heed my warning! Nothing spoils a party like a food shortage. If your reunion is going to last one or two days, it might behoove you to bring in your food already cooked, and can be heated up in short time. This way, there's no mad scramble for the nearest grocery store. It happened to my family in Big Bear, CA once. Quite embarrassing.


  • Eco-Friendly Party Planning

    When it comes to party planning, most people don't jump at the chance to host. Why is that?

    One word: TRASH. The opposite of recycling. Parties are fun, but there's a lot of left over residue and general debris from the mayhem of all that fun. Most are plastic/paper products that are one time use, and then get tossed away.

    But I've collected a few tips on how to throw a more eco-friendly party, whether it's for a banquet or a day at the park.

    Tableware & Decor

    Recycling old glass containers like Mason Jars, etc. is a charming and eco-friendly way to create table centerpieces. Or, if you can find tree saplings, encase the bottom roots in soil, wrapped in a burlap sack and stand upright for the centerpiece. When the event is done, plant the tree right into the ground!

    For place-cards, try to use trinkets, such as wine corks, pebbles, etc. to keep the cards in place. That way, you can recycle them afterwards.

    With tableware, re-using glassware and formal cutlery can be a hassle, but there are plenty of other options. Most schools and businesses have switched over to Biodegradable Utensils, which are a concoction of starch and other green materials that break down in the garbage between 2-3 months. For plates, there is a similar option. Of course, if your party is much smaller and more intimate than a gala, per se, then re-usable glassware is the way to go. In fact, if you can, try to find as many re-usable products as you can, especially if your parties become a frequent thing. Utilizing reusable products such as annual banners, ceramics, locations, etc. can save you a lot of money down the road.

    Unfortunately, not all retail or grocery stores carry biodegradable cutlery on the shelves, so it may take some looking into some specialty shops or natural-food stores like Trader Joe's.

    Speaking of natural foods...

    "Green" Foods

    It's recommended that you peruse the local farmer's markets or specialty food stores for your menu items. These can be guaranteed to be free of pesticides and other growth hormones. If you hire a caterer instead, make sure they are also local, as most catering services hunt for ingredients from local growers as well. It's a circle of helpfulness.

    Have a Drink or Dessert

    No party is complete without drinks!

    For sodas and other plastic bottled drinks, try to switch to aluminum cans or glass bottles, as these can be recycled much easier (not to mention easier to seperate!)

    For bar drinks, keeping with glasses is the norm, but when decorating your drinks, use recyclable materials such as toothpicks or fruits. No plastic umbrellas or swords.

    When it comes to desserts, I personally love popsicles. Make it one of the draws for your party, by having guests create true fruit popsicles. Mix natural juices with fruit pieces and stick 'em in the freezer. When the meal is done, break them out and consume with gusto!

  • Planning the Perfect Bridal Shower

    Your friend's got the rock, and now it's time to party!

    But how does one go about planning a bridal shower, hm?


    1) Keep it a Secret!

    This is probably going to be the ultimate "duh" moment of the whole post, but it's important  to maintain the illusion of a surprise.

    Here's the story: my friends threw a surprise birthday party for another friend, but neglected to block her access to the Event Page on Facebook. Thus, when another friend commented about it, she saw it and the surprise was ruined. But lo, we still had fun anyway.

    Utilizing handy social media tools like creating Events on Facebook is a great tool to spread the word without the special someone knowing any wiser.  Just remember those privacy settings...

    TIP: Don't plan alone. Just...don't. You'll only give yourself (and your wallet) a headache.


    2) The THEME

    This is more about location, location, location as well. If the bride is a party girl, look for lounges or fun bars that she would like. Outdoor girl? Try a beach party, a park barbecue, etc. It's also fun to create a theme for the event, like Hollywood, Star Wars, Pink, Asian-Fusion, etc.  Let your imagination roam like a free-range cow.


    3) Bring a Little Gift

    Make sure that your bride is registered somewhere for gifts. It doesn't necessarily have to be wedding gifts (yet), but something that she will really want.

    Here's an idea: create a "photobooth" corner at your event location. Have some props and stick speech bubbles, emoticons, and a camera that instantly prints pictures. Your guests can take silly pictures all night long and paste them into a waiting scrapbook for the bride to enjoy and look back on the memories of that day.

    TIP: Try not to spend too much time unwrapping gifts. As fun as it is for the bride, it can get kind of boring for the guests. If there's a lot of gifts to go through, try to make a game about it (guess who?, etc.), or save the unwrapping for later.


    4) Game On!

    There's the traditional bridal shower games: Toilet paper dress, clothespins, trivia games...but how about some "out of the box" games? My favorite is Bridal Trivia! But I've invented a twist!

    Create a custom banner Bingo board to stick answers to trivia questions on each square about the bride: "Cried over a Barbie doll", "Got lost in LA", etc.  Make it large enough to hang on a wall! Take two guests, armed with fly swatters, and give them questions about the bride: "What happened on her birthday last year?", "What's her favorite color?". The players have to use their fly swatters to "slap" the answer on the giant board! It's active and keeps the fun going.

  • Creative Thanksgiving Fundraising Ideas

    Thanksgiving is a time to come together, but also is a time to bring holiday spirit to those who may not be as privileged as we are. There's the traditional canned food drives, bake sales, the banquets and galas, and so on. But here we've assembled some "out-of-the-box" Thanksgiving Fundraising ideas that you can do for your church, school, homeless shelter, etc.

    All-You-Can-Eat Potato Bar

    Okay. This sounds strange, right? But it isn't! Most people have that sweet potato/candied yams dish on the Thanksgiving table anyway, so why not extend your love of potatoes to others? Potatoes and potato products are generally cheap to buy in bulk, which saves you money so you can raise more for your goals! You can charge a small fee at the door and have  a buffet of different toppings and appetizers to accompany the potatoes. Virtually any topping is good with potatoes, from cheese to broccoli to bacon bits. You can set up stations around the room for games and such to make it an event to remember.


    Giving Thanks to Free Speech with Spoken Word

    Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for what you have, and as a writer, I am most thankful for our right to free speech. Now, this type of fundraiser is more geared toward the artistic communities, but it can still be a great way to raise money for art and music programs. Have local celebrities or poets read their work aloud for show, interspersed with garage band music and indie artists. Perhaps, you can even incorporate an art walk at the same event. Again, just charge a small fee at the door or for participation, and perhaps even have some audience choice awards for the artists who come.

    Movie Nights

    For this idea, all you'd need is a big room, a projector, a screen, a DVD player, and lineup of films! Have patrons come and watch movies for free! And all they have to do to get inside is bring canned or non-perishable goods that will be donated for Thanksgiving. In return, they get to watch movies with friends and family, maybe eat some popcorn or popsicles and just have an all around good time with little or no expense on your part. In fact, I think I'm going to do this for my next fundraiser idea...

    Mini-Golf Tournament

    With most mini-golf greens, you'll have to work in tandem with the owner of the business to work out who gets what percentage of the profits. But it's just as fun to putt around a green with the kids as it would be to watch a movie. If your budget is tight, try finding a large area at your school or local church that you can turn into a mock mini-golf course.


    Well, there you have it! Some fantastic ideas to get you started on your next great Thanksgiving Fundraiser. As always, if you'll be needing a banner for said event, swing on over to our outdoor banners and order a great banner to advertise your event.



  • Christmas Banners: Stand Apart!

    Well, it's happened. The Christmas ads have returned with a vengeance. It was literally the morning after Halloween, when lo and behold, a Target layaway ad graced my television screen. But what can you do? There's no running from it, and the holiday season is a month away. One month away! *sigh* It seems like it was only yesterday that school started...

    Well, the question remains: if you're a business gearing up for the holidays, as a store, a corporation, or as small as a Christmas tree lot, what can you do to set yourself apart from the competition?

    Let's take a look at some classic Christmas symbols and ads, and what you can do to put your own spin on it:

    Santa Claus

    What a jovial man! He's iconic, marketable, and looks great on a white background! But we've all heard that before, or know it already. What you can do is spin him and twist him to suit your businesses needs, and that's kind of what's great about a holiday icon like him.  Let's say you work at a dentist office: create an ad or a custom banner that features the Claus offering toothbrushes to the children instead of candy. In a way, it's funny, and if you can make the customer laugh, then they'll come back for more.


    Do you remember that Campbell's soup commercial? Where snowman comes into a house, eats some soup, and is revealed to be a little boy, all toasty and warm? Years later, they still run that commercial! Why?

    Because it's clever and adorable, and drives home the point that Campbell's soup will make you all toasty and warm after a play-day of childhood. Snowmen in general hold a special place in our nostalgic hearts. After all, when you see snow, what's the first thing you think of? Odds are, it's a SNOWMAN.

    The TREE

    Oh, shining beacon of childhood wonderment! Keeper of gifts and fragile ornaments that the cat likes to knock down!

    Alright, enough praise. The tree is just as iconic, even when it's not present in every household. If you've got a Christmas Tree Lot going, then listen up! Not all banners have to be boring lookin'. Of course, a simply red text on white background can work wonders on the freeway overpasses and highways, but let's spruce it up, shall we?

    Add some elves, or the iconic Santa Claus. Make an image showing the reindeer hauling the trees into your lot (as though straight from the magical big man himself)!

  • Art Nouveau

    Art Nouveau "New Art" is worth looking at. It's one of those funny styles that has stayed popular throughout the olden days until now. Take a chance look at DeviantArt and you'll find lots of mock-ups for said design.


    Art Nouveau traces back to the Victorian Era, when life and advertising reflected an opulent and industrializing world. In an era of growing buildings and growing populations, the backgrounds were always geometric behind the subject, as though holding them up.

    Some artists have now taken the style and twisted it to accomodate for modern films and products. Take a look below:


  • Banners and Booth Transportation!

    You've done it! You've designed a spectacular trade show or convention booth. It's been constructed, looks marvelous, and everything is printed, polished and ready to go.

    The question is, how do you get it all there?

    We're going to take a teeny break from custom banners and designs, and look at some of the logistics of getting your great display from Point A to Point B.

    If this is your first time to a trade show, it's generally advised that you don't transport your display yourself, especially if there are lots of bits and pieces that are fragile. If you're going cross-country, it also gets mighty expensive, with all the display and demonstration materials needed. What's awesome, though, is that you can hire someone to transport it for you. How?

    For those who don't know, there are many companies out there that specialize in transporting event materials only. They have the means and the manpower to make sure that your display, no matter how complicated gets to the Exhibition Floor on time and in one piece. Whether by train, plane, or truck, these guys know how to handle your business' delicate first-impression piece.

    I've researched a couple of these trade show and event transportation businesses, and organized it by region. Most are not limited to a specific region of the country, but just so you know where the nearest one would be to you. Click on the company name to get to their website!

  • Outdoor Banners for the Seasons

    Halloween has passed, so take a deep breath, but don't sit down just yet! Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, so it's time to start thinking of what you can do for your business or event this holiday season.

    What are Outdoor Banners?

    Got a sale coming up? An outdoor event? My family loves to have Thanksgiving outdoors, on those classic picnic benches, but sometimes it's hilariously difficult to find each other. Our family gatherings are similar to amassing an army to feed.

    Outdoor banners are designed to withstand the elements, so hanging a banner to help your customers, family, or commuters find you would be a big help this holiday season.

    If your event is annual, simply roll it out for the next year as well. They're sturdy, and can be customized for the expected weather conditions.

    Outdoor Banners for Farms and Festivals

    Christmas Tree Farms/Lots, pumpkin patches, and turkey sales are on the rise this fall and winter! Create an eye-catching banner or sign that will grab the people's attention as they search for those necessary holiday needs!

    For Christmas Tree Lots around your neighborhood, get festive with your design. Using a white or light blue background with red or forest green type is noticeable on the road, completely opposite of the colors of road signs and freeway signs.


    As for the festival side, there's lots to do this holiday season! Thanksgiving prep-time is probably the most stressful time of the holiday, so ease your customers by using banners to point them to the nearest place to buy good food, such as a Farmer's Market.

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