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  • Graduation Banners

    They have done it. They’re going to walk across a stage and get a freshly printed diploma, as you beam from the stands and cheer them on. After years of struggling and clawing your way through projects, essays, and sports practices, there’s a shining light at the end of this tunnel.


    It’s a milestone in every family’s lifetime. Graduation. There’s a ceremony for every level of school, from kindergarten to college. And if you’ve got a crazy mom like mine, you’ll be shrying from the stands as your baby crosses the stage. What is shrying? Shrieking + crying = shrying.

    But some schools have recently implemented a rule that you can’t cheer until all the names are called. For some ceremonies, that’s a really long time. So, if you’re going to a graduation that’s a little stuck-up about the noisemakers, here’s an idea to make sure your kid knows you’re out there in that grand audience: a big ol’ banner!

    We’ve got various size banners available at your leisure. For outdoor ceremonies in those hot grandstands, check out our Outdoor Vinyl Banners. As for the image, its as easy as a simple upload. Create a banner that you can bring with you to the ceremony. Hold it high for the world to see (and embarrass your kid!).

    If you’re stuck in a creative slump or can’t use Photoshop if your life depended on it, then we’ve got a creative team here to help you out. Trick out that banner with your child’s school mascot or logo. Maybe add a blurb about their next step in life: “On to UCSD!”, “Go for it at Harvard!” or “Proud of my future Dr. [insert name]”. Words are the way, here. And remember to tell them not to twerk on stage.

  • Posters: From the Classroom to the Convention Hall

    It’s one of the more memorable moments from your childhood: having to stand in front of the classroom and present a poster project, all nervous knees and sweaty palms. That may not be you now, but posters are still prevalent today more than ever.

    Picking a Poster for Your Event

    Not all events need outlandish designs that takes up such large spaces. Downsize and economize with a poster instead! Whether it’s a small conference, a training session, or sale for your storefront, say it all with a poster.

    However, posters can be used for short-term outdoor use, they may not be substantial for extreme weather conditions. For more banners tailored for outdoor use, check out

    Big Events, Small Packages

    Some posters are meant to be on the sidelines of your projects. Even for large events like conventions, trade shows, and fairs, a poster is not only a clever option for advertising, but can also free up space for your booth. With posters, more information on your differing products can be included, rather than one large space occupied by one subject.

    Let’s say you’re an artist planning on selling some art at a convention. Create a poster advertising yourself, or as a price list for your wares. Got a game going on at your booth? Use posters to make a scavenger hunt around the convention to engage with attendees.

    Minding the Material

    Our posters are not made from your standard printer paper, but is our own special brand of cardstock-like paper that is guaranteed to give you a crispness to your images. Sizes range from 11” x 17” to 24” x 36”, or as large as 4 ft wide.

    With odds like these, you’re only limited by your imagination.

    Create a giant poster for a science fair project heading to bigger things. Design a poster for your favorite sports team as you cheer them on in the season.

    Whatever the case may be, check out our posters available. Need a creativity boost or some Photoshop savvy? Give our design team a call and they’ll work with you to get a perfect print.

  • Yard Signs - Small and Steady

    Our Yard Signs are made from sturdy plastic known as coroplast. It can last for as long as your campaign or event demands, given that you don’t abuse it with unruly weather. Whatever the occasion, don’t hesitate to utilize Yard Signs as your advertising mode of choice.

    Take Me to the Party

    If you’re throwing a big event, yard signs are pretty handy for finding the event itself! Planning a garage sale? Selling real estate? Use yard signs to point the way to your sale or enlistment. Condense your information into the nitty-gritty facts: your name/company name, social media links, or contact information.

    Yard Signs: Not Too Obnoxious

    Face it: nowadays, it’s pretty easy to be turned off from something based on the chosen mode of advertising. There’s television jingles that you can’t stand, giant billboards that mock you while you’re sitting in traffic. But with yard signs, it’s a more practical and less “in-your-face” mode of advertisement.

    You never see them more so than during voting season. They pop up everywhere in your neighborhood, like daffodils! “Vote for this!”, “Vote against that!”. Set yourself apart from your neighbors and declare your political views with a small yard sign. Just don’t bring it up at dinner with the family, right?

    If you’re leasing a room, or changing management, a yard sign is for you. Since there are many sizes of yard signs available, you don’t need to worry about whether or not you’ll garner attention. Interested customers will find you!

    Cutting the Costs

    Big hulking banners are expensive, especially when you don’t plan on keeping them for long or only use them once. With yard signs, you’re saving money while still maintaining that long time span for your sign, given love and care. Sure, it’s a smaller space, but the message can be just as clear as any other banner.

  • Upgrade Your Industry with Trade Show Banners!

    Expos, trade shows, conventions, and conferences....what do they have in common? Businesses and trading ventures! These gatherings are the hub for the up-and-coming and everything new, so spruce up your appearance and connect with the conventioneers with a trade show banner.

    Portability is Key

    Trade show banners can vary between your standard hanging banner, such that can be seen on our Custom Banner page, or a specialized type of banner known as a retractable banner

    Retractable Trade Show Banners

    Retractables are exactly as that sound: easy to assemble, quick to dismantle, and trouble-less travel. Each retractable banner is created with the same attention and design as any normal hanging banner would have, so there’s no need to change a ready design.

    These handy go-to banners comes with a carrying case, a stand and support clamps to keep your banner steady and professional wherever you go. With retractable banners you are guaranteed an easy and portable self-advertisement, the same investment that you can gain with a regular banner without all the hassle of assembly.

    Other Trade Show Banner Accessories

    If a retractable banner doesn't fit your bill, then take a peek at our standard banners. No matter where your conference or trade show is located, your banner will be guaranteed to last outdoors and in. Each banner comes with grommets for hanging or pole pockets for standing up.  If your event is outdoors, we recommend wind slits to endure those breezy days.

    Creativity Slumps

    Can't Photoshop if your life depended on it? Call us up, and we’ll help you out!  Let our creative team take a look at your design and help you determine what size would best fit your design. Trade Show Banners are a fantastic investment for your business, especially when you’re frequently on the road convention-hopping.

  • The Easter Party that Never Ends!

    Well, well, well...what do we have here?

    Looks like a little bunny rabbit left me some eggs around my house. Delicious, chocolat eggs to be exact. Yum!

    If you've enjoyed your Easter celebration so far, then hats off to you! I will be hunting around my house, searching the nooks and crannies for that crazy critter's little goodies.

    Just because Easter was on Sunday, doesn't mean that you need to stop the fun and madness! Here's some extra Easter ideas to keep your holiday going through the week:

    1) Perpetual Egg Hunt

    Ever since my younger brother was five, we've been hiding eggs around the house for him. He's twelve now and still goes hunting on Easter morning! But I started thinking how fun it would be to hide Cadbury Creme Eggs right under his nose during the week. Under his pillow, next to the cereal bowls, in his bathroom never know.

    But it's something to consider doing with your kids as well. It doesn't have to be Cadbury Creme Eggs (as delicious as they are, mmm), but how about since they've found the eggs, they need to go on the hunt for the rabbit himself, be it a stuffed rabbit, or a real one!

    2) Reliving the Bible Story

    For Catholics and Christians, and other denominations, Easter is a time for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If this is the importance of Easter for your family, then of course you should revisit the story! Not only was the History Channel showing their dramatization of Jesus' life recently, but there's plenty of films that you can watch together as a family.

    For young children, I recommend watching "The Miracle Maker", which is a kid-friendly claymation film.  If you have older children, or are comfortable with depictions of violence, then you can probably graduate to watching "The Passion of the Christ", which features a controversial but realistic crucifixion scene.

    3) Easter Game Day

    Easter themed games like egg-tosses, egg rolls, and egg hunting can also be continued. Feed your family with egg-themed dishes as they play these games as well. Eggs everywhere!

    Well, there you have it! Some last minute ideas to continue the Easter festivities. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some more eggs to find...

  • Smart Product Placement and Learning When to Say No

    Branding. There's a lot of fun stuff that goes into it: timeless logos, a catchy a slogan, some product placement. But that's where we reach the core of a dilemma here.

    I recently saw Roberto Vergati Santos' collection of branded superheroes. Santos, an Italian artist, decided to reimagine a world where the superhero was sponsored, and how that would reflect on their image. Check out Batman and that familiar logo:

    It's an interesting concept, and the art is spot-on, but I've also seen this before.

    Over across the Pacific, in Japan there is an anime show called Tiger & Bunny. Silly show title aside, it's set in a futuristic, Gotham City type of landscape. Nearly every character in the show has some sort of superpower. However, they can't become full-fledged heroes unless they have a sponsor and earn a stint on the city's hit reality show "Hero TV". If you've got some time, check out the series on Hulu.

    Like I said, both Santos' work and Tiger & Bunny are fascinating takes on the idea of advertising to the extreme. Personally, I love them both. But it brings up a interesting issue: where do we draw the line at branding and product placement?


    There's Coca-Cola cups on American Idol. iPhones are in every character's hand. Some even sport Starbucks mugs and Adidas. It's everywhere, but usually, it's pretty subtle. Then there's something I call the "Hyundai Effect".

    On The Walking Dead season 2, Hyundai decided to throw in their sponsorship for the show. This is all fine and dandy, of course. But then the characters in the show find a Hyundai SUV that's magically in working order, and are now using. Okay, that's cool.

    Then Hyundai decided to throw a contest where fans could win the Hyundai they found on the show. Say what? That's a little too much Hyundai in my opinion.

    In Hollywood shows, they tend to have more generic cars for their characters, or even go so far as to rip off nameplates and hood ornaments, so that you can't identify the car. Some manufacturers can create unidentifiable vehicles to make their show less about the cars and more about the characters. This may have been just me, but I found the whole Hyundai business a little distracting from The Walking Dead. It was a nice car that stood our garishly from the other rundown cars in the caravan of zombie survivors, and all I could think of was product placement, product placement.

    If you plan to venture down a path similar to this, you may want to rethink your strategy. It could go two ways: people will love your product and actually pay attention to it, or they might not care and think it's distracting. Trust me, some people will love it! We just don't want to be hit over the head with it.

    Extent of Product Placement

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to sponsor someone or something and getting your name out there. But just like Santos'  pieces and Tiger & Bunny, we don't want to see your logos on things we revere and cherish, like our superheroes.

    Make sure that your product fits the style and tone of the show. We aren't going to see a Ferrari on The Walking Dead , unless it makes sense to the story (like they robbed a wealthy house, or something).

    If you're going to put your product in a TV show or a film, aspire to the immortal words of Tim Gunn and "Make it work." Tune in next time, when I'll explore a few options for you to choose from, when it comes to smarter ways to marketing your brand.

  • Top Ten SXSW Posters

    SXSW (or South by Southwest for non-natives) is a music, film, and trade festival that takes place every year in Austin, TX. Hosted by mostly indie-produced media, it's a ton of fun, entertainment, and the perfect look-out for upcoming heavy-hitters.

    It's known as the biggest music festival of it's kind, with performances all over the city in at least 100 venues.  As far as I know, many indie films have been picked up there, or by other festivals like Sundance, by big Hollywood studios for distribution. In recent years, they've attached a Gaming Expo and a trade floor to expand their audience. It's what makes festivals like this great and what makes them cool. And all in all, it turns Austin into the city that never sleeps for a week.

    They've also got some of the best poster designs I've ever seen. They truly go out of the box and don't employ your average marketing firm to handle the advertising. I've scoured the interwebs and collected my personal favorite Top Ten SXSW Posters. Take a glance through the art, and I hope that you are inspired to go out of your comfort zone and create a poster that will knock the pants off of your customers.

    1) SXSW Comedy 2013

    2) Small Stone, 2004

    3) Concert poster, 2009

    4) "Vision of the Future", 2011

    5) Kanine Records, 2010

    6) "You're Welcome!", 2012

    7)  Film Screenings, 2009

    8) Shepard Fairey, 2008

    9) Ed Romanoff, 2012

    10) La Faro, 2011

  • Here, There Be Dragon Banners

    Dragons are pretty cool. Like....really cool. And it sort of feels like the year of the dragon, right? We've got dragons in "Game of Thrones", dragons in our video games, dragons in the upcoming "Hobbit" films. Man, if you've ever read Naomi Novik's "Temeraire" series, she's got dragons in the Napoleonic wars. Regardless of whether or not you're a fantasy fan, you respect the dragon.


    So, let's talk about why this beast is so cool. Not only that, but how you can design a dragon to fit your marketing needs or new viral campaign.

    Now, to my knowledge, I can't recall a single sports team, professional or otherwise, that has a dragon as their mascot. The only time I have seen it was in "Ender's Game", and that was Ender's army logo, and it was fictional. Oh well.

    History of the Dragon

    Amazingly enough, dragons have been present in almost every ancient culture on the planet. They may not have looked the same, but the perceptions were similar across the continents: serpentine bodies, a special ability (such as fire or poison), hatched from eggs, and having feathers or scales. Some theorists believe that ancient peoples may have been inspired by dinosaurs that were still roaming around before disappearing during the Ice Age.

    Dragons were depicted as being the top of the food and spiritual chain, an ultimate force  of nature, religion, or the universe. Heroes wanted to slay them. Some cultures worshipped them. Nobody truly knows where the first dragon came about, only that they first appeared on record in Ancient Greece.

     Shaping the Fantasy

    You've got a little history and some tidbits on what they look like. Fantastic, but that doesn't help you narrow down the options.  Ever since the dragon first appeared on the page, artists throughout history have run with the idea and produced all kinds of dragons. There is no right answer to what a dragon looks like. Which leaves a lot of room for exploration within your campaign.

    So, you want to use a dragon in your next advertisement, but want to see some examples first? No problem. Check out this compilation on Top Design Mag HERE that shows amazing dragon illustrations and a couple of product placements thrown in as well. Perhaps it'll give you some ideas for your dragon's custom design.

    Connotations of the Dragon

    While you're working with a designer, or perhaps designing a dragon yourself, you should keep in mind what cultural connotations stem from the dragon. In other words, it's generally not recommended to use a dragon as a mascot for a floral shop, or vice versa. I mean, they breathe fire: fire and, not a good mix.

    First of all, the thing that a dragon symbolized was sheer power. People regard it with the same respect as a natural disaster. They are, for the most part, large creatures with angry and/or wise dispositions. It doesn't matter where you look in film, literature, or other media, or how cute the dragon is - characters will always regard them with a hint of fear.

    The second thing is special abilities. It wasn't until I read the "Temeraire" series, by Naomi Novik, that I even considered the possibility of other dragons that could do stuff other than breathe fire. Or even have no powers at all! Here's just a short list of things that are also possible: water spitter, venom, acid, roar (amazing soundwaves that can fell a forest!). Or again, nothing at all!

    The last thing is temperament, and this actually varies. Some people think of all dragons as evil, hoarding thieves that will eat you. Others consider them as wise elders, who live long, and have the experience to pass on. In this case, the choice is up to you. If you want to include a backstory with your dragon, consider their temperament. That's the fun part.

  • Top Ten St. Patrick's Day Fonts

    Remember that list of St. Patrick's Day party planning? Well, for events of that size, you're going to invariably use some form of advertising, whether it be a banner with us, a poster, or a flyer. We also love free stuff, yes? Well, today, I've got a list of awesome fonts that are free, kind of cheesy, but adorable and would fit right in with the St. Patrick's Day theme. They easily convey that Irish attitude that you want in a font design!

    Want to know where to find them? Unfortunately, I can't post the download links here, but it's as simple as Googling the font names. The words written in the font are also the name of the font. I'm even thinking of using some of these for my baked potato party...





  • Easter Banners

    Ah, Easter. Yet another chocolate holiday, the bane of every dieter.

    But it's still a fun and family-friendly holiday, full of games, and feasting, and general mayhem. Easter is also a time that many people throw parties. You've got Easter Egg Hunts in the community, Easter dinners, etc. So, why not have use a banner to showcase your upcoming Easter festivities?


    Origins of Easter

    For Catholics & Christians, and other denominations, Easter is the celebration of Jesus rising from the grave, three days after his crucifixion. It's also considered a "moveable feast", meaning it doesn't fall on the same day every year. Which is why this year it's on March 31st.

    But what does the Easter Bunny have to do with a Catholic holiday?

    Nothing, actually. The rabbit is a symbol of new life and fertility in many cultures around the world. In 1680, a German author wrote the first story about a hare laying eggs and hiding them in gardens. When the legend was brought to the United States by German immigrants, children started making nests for the eggs, which gradually turned into colorful baskets. While colored eggs are still apart of the holiday, the little gifts have also changed to chocolate and other sugar treats.

    Easter Banner Ideas

    Alright, now that we've got the history out of the way, let's take a look at some possibilities for Easter banners.

    Can't Take a Yolk

    Eggs are symbolic of Easter, that's a given. If you have an Egg Hunt in mind for your community, or just your own gaggle of kids, than create a banner with plenty of egg design. Perhaps, you can also hold an egg-decorating contest at your local farmer's market, or an egg toss challenge for couples. Or you can do what the White House does and use the lawn for an Egg Roll.

    The Easter Bunny

    The quintessential symbol of Easter. If he's not everywhere on your banner, it may not fly in your community. What's great about an animal mascot for a holiday, is that you can design him however you like: make him cute, make him punk, make him anyway you want to. Need inspiration? Check out that latest Dreamworks film "Rise of the Guardians" and take a look at the Easter Bunny. He's pretty awesome.

    Alright, well that's all for now! Check back throughout March as I explore more symbols you can put into your banner designs, from St. Patrick's Day to Easter. :)

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