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  • Tarfest

    tarfest_bannersBecause art has no boundaries, it gives people the freedom to express themselves however they want. Whether it is through music, drawing or performing, Tarfest is an event that allows people to share their culture and who they are through their form of art. Tarfest 2015 is an arts and culture event that was held in Los Angeles and The Miracle Mile District, on September 26. It was an all day event that was filled with music, performers, artists, and much more. People had come together to share their diverse cultures and performances. The La Brea Tar Pits was imbued with music played by artists like Gavin Turek, The Shelters, Babes and Salt Petal.


    We had the awesome opportunity to help prepare Tarfest come together. We created the music performance stage banner, booth banners and a couple retractable banners for the beer garden and live art areas. Especially for events, banners are a great way to keep people from getting lost, or helping them figure out which station is which. We not only made banners, but  Prints on Wood also got to help out with a few of the artists. Prints on Wood printed Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez's art pieces and they provided the wood panels for the live paintings. We got to watch  Greg "Craola" Simkins putting in work his  live paintings. Overall, we had a blast at Tarfest. It was awesome to see some of the artists we work with in their zone. tarfest_banner tarfest_banners1

  • Back to School Preparations

    When there are events, there is always a need for signs and banners. It's that time of year again when summer is coming to an end and colleges are starting to intensely preparing for the new school year. Colleges start getting ready for orientation and all the events that help freshmen settle into their new school.

    cbu orientation sign printIt is definitely useful and important for schools to put up orientation signs all over their campus because it's inevitable to get lost as a freshman in such a new environment. Signs with labels and arrows to where certain buildings are located are an excellent idea to help these lost souls.

    cbu orientation sign print1California Baptist University and University of California Riverside, our number one University clients, came to us in need of signs for the first week of school. All the signs that were created for these schools were made out of coroplast. Coroplast is our most popular material we use for our signs. They are affordable and durable; therefore, allowing UCR and CBU to stay under their budget wisely.

    ucr new year signs 2 California Baptist University went the directional route and ordered signs with arrows pointing to which direction each building was located. University of California Riverside ordered signs taking the label and informational route.

    Ucr new year signsOverall, signs are the best way to keep people together and eliminate the chaos during an event. Banner4sale and our team help create and print these banners in best way possible!

  • 626 Night Market Success

    This past weekend, the city of Arcadia held a night market filled with delicious food, desserts, and merchandise. As doors opened and the streets filled with people trying all the different types of foods the vendors offered. This night market gave off the vibes of a local busy, Chinese street market.

    626nightmarket_beachlive_banner4saleFor events like these, signs, banners, and images play a big part in bringing customers in. Every vendor had a banner hung over their easy-up, with the name of their booth. Along side with the banner, many people had posters with images of their food and prices.

    626nightmarket_beachlive_banner4sale2We made a banner for one of the food vendors there. Beach Live, a seafood restaurant, came to us in need of a 10x15 ft banner with grommets. This outdoor banner needed to be hung onto a PVC frame that stood right above the tent.

    626nightmarket_beachlive_banner4sale3Beach Live sold live sea urchins that had uni on the inside, topped with rice, masago, furikake, and chilli sauce. They also sold poke bowls that had raw fish mixed with a special poke sauce and rice.626nightmarket_beachlive_banner4sale4

    I would say the outdoor vinyl banner was super beneficial to the restaurant's outcome in sales. Beach Live sold out all three days of this weekend! They sold out of their full sea urchin inventory on the second day, selling over 300 pounds of sea urchins. Many people came over to the booth, looking for uni because they had read the banner. Not just any cheap banner could have done that!  Good job Beach Live! 626nightmarket_beachlive_banner4sale5

  • Birthday Banners

    Trouble finding the right decorations for your son's first birthday? Well, we might be a little useful to your situation. Banners and signs are excellent party decorations. Yes, we already know what's running through your head right now.

    birthday banners_

    Banners and signs can sound a little bland for your party and most people want 3 dimensional decorations to make it more lively; however, birthday banners and birthday signs are like the finishing touches. Without them, your party will look a little off.

    birthday bannersDepending on which design you choose to get printed, it can significantly change the mood of your party. The above photos are from a county fair 1st birthday banners and party signs. These birthday signs set the theme of the party. The below photo was from a superman birthday banner, which also set the mood as well! Each character representing a superhero, what boy wouldn't love a superhero banner that included Superman, Batman, The Hulk, Spiderman, the Flash and Ironman banner! birthday banners3

    Party banners and party signs are a necessity for your party, so get started by ordering from us! We promise it will make a difference.


  • Red Royal Basmati Rice

    Basmati Rice is a long, slender grain rice that originated and is only produced from India and Pakistan. One thing special about Basmati is that it has a unique aroma. Not only is Basmati Rice special for specifically being grown in Himalayan Range of India and Pakistan, but it also has a lot of health benefits. It contains all 8 amino acids and folic acids that our body needs.

    Royal basmati Rice_Banner_sign1

    This rice is low in fat, gluten free, and has no cholesterol. Talk about a great, healthy option for carbs! We created signs for Red Royal Basmati Rice , the #1 Basmati Rice in America.

    Royal basmati Rice_Banner_sign

    To help spread the word about Red Royal Basmati Rice we made a few coroplast signs, a corrugated plastic that is often used in our company for indoor and outdoor signage. Coroplast is very lightweight and waterproof, which makes it not only durable, but also affordable for many businesses to use.

  • University of California Riverside Plans for the Upcoming Year!

    Besides word of mouth to mouth, getting awareness for events or getting simple messages to students across large campuses can be a difficult task. Signs and banners play a huge role when clubs and groups on campus want to display information. Highlander orientation bannersEspecially for the upcoming freshmen or transfers, signs can become extremely useful when finding designated parking spots, lecture halls, general meetings to clubs, and building awareness for the many opportunities available for students.Highlander orientation banners1

    Being fairly close to the college campus of University of California Riverside, we get to work frequently with them to create signs and banners for a lot of their events. When you need to post information for just a season or a few months, these coroplast signs are both durable and cheap signs, perfect for orientation week. So far this Summer, we helped dining create signs for Highlander Orientation week to notify the current residents about the change in plans in dining during the days of orientation.Farmshare_UCR_signs

    Another event we made a coroplast sign for was the Farmshare at UCR. This is a subscription program that was recently made to bring fresh fruits and produce directly to universities, businesses and more. MooMoo_UCR_SignsLastly, we made a promotional sign for UCR's Moo Moo Truck. Moo Moo is an ice cream truck that was created this year. It recently came out with a new ice cream flavor called the Reese's Peanut Butter Sundae. Signs like these is a great way to help students know about new products or events that are going on on campus.

  • Halsey Food Convention

    Do you ever wonder where the food from your local grocery store comes from, or who provides the grocery stores with their products? In the retail world, many buyers from retail stores go to warehouses and purchase their products wholesale. Just like retail stores, grocery stores too have a large central provider for all their food products.

    halseyfoodservice_Banners halseyfoodservice_Banners4

    Halsey Food Service is an independent food service distributor. They distribute many familiar products such as Pillsbury, Sara Lee, Farmland and much more. They have just about any food product line, which makes it easier for customers to shop for their needs because they can do all their shopping in one sitting.

    halseyfoodservice_Banners1Halsey Food Service first started as a retail grocery store in 1879 by two brothers. Since then, Halsey kept growing and expanding and soon grouped together with 4 other food service distributors.

    halseyfoodservice_Banners2Halsey Food Service holds annual food shows where hundreds of food brands bring all their products for stores, restaurants, and grocery markets to check out. They also hold seminars during this show to educate the food vendors and restaurants different ways to increase their profits.

    halseyfoodservice_banner(Above photo: Schedule of seminars; Below photo: Booth banners)


    We were extremely lucky to have worked with Halsey Food Service in their food convention. Our team has been working hard for a few weeks on printing the many trade show banners that Halsey has ordered from us. We've made just about everything for this show.


    The banners range from booth banners, food brand banners, schedules, to even their grand prize winner check. They have also made banners to be put onto walls as decorations, with the ongoing theme of the Medieval Times. We love working with large events like the Halsey Food Show because we get to learn more about different businesses and what they do!

  • Long Night of Arts and Innovation is Back!

    The Long Night of Arts and Innovation is back this year, because of its huge turn out from last year! This huge event holds 451 presentations available for all ages, from petting zoos to very interesting lectures taught by professors from the University of California Riverside. Longnightof artsandinnovation_banner4sale

    Anything can be considered art; therefore, the City of Riverside has put together an interesting way people can get involved and educated on the various arts and innovations. Last year's program was a full schedule! It is incredible to help out and contribute to a local event because we can always visit and take a look at the banner display. The Long Nights of Art and Innovation needed quite a few pole banners to be put up in Downtown Riverside announcing the event. We definitely put our men to work last week with these banners. Can't wait to see how they brighten up Downtown Riverside on October 8,2015.

    Longnightof artsandinnovation_banner4sale1Events are our customer's number one reason for coming to us, and we always love to help!

  • Real Estate Signs

    Many people stop by to view open houses on their way home from their Sunday festivities. Signs are a big deal for real estate agents, whether it is to lease a room in a new apartment complex, or finding directions to an open house by following the arrows of a sign.banner4sale_realestatesign

    Here at Banner4sale, we have worked together with many real estate firms and agents to create signs and banners in all different sizes.

    Real Estate Signs_Signprinting

    David Stapleton's signs are the ones that are typically perched outside open listings. We also provide the option to purchase wire H stakes for a $1.99 to keep these signs up. Many real estate companies have come to us to not only make personal signs, but also to create extremely large banners.banner_realestate

    We not only make real estate yard signs, but we also make banners in all different sizes, you name it. Monterey Station Apartments have just been built and they wanted a banner visible to literally anyone coming across them. We created a large banner with grommets lining the whole banner. Another type of real estate sign we recently made are the Your Villa signs. These are foam core material, which makes the sign very light weight. villa_realestate_signs_bannerIf you work in real estate, and need a personal sign for your listing we got you covered with so many options! We make signs in all different sizes and a variety of materials.


  • 805 Criterium

    805criterium_Cycling_Car_WrapLompoc, a city in the Santa Barbara County, holds an annual bicycle racing event to support the Lompoc Police Foundation. This event brings many people together to watch races, participate in them, and have the opportunity to win a whole lot of cash and prizes. 805 Criterium first started off as an one day event, but eventually grew to a three day event which consists of three challenging race courses.


    Large events like these are bound to have signs and banners for the participants and viewers to have some sort of direction. Putting up banners and signs make it easier for people to send a clear message to a larger crowd.  Here at Banner4sale, we have worked along side with numerous events by putting together large custom event banners in all different sizes.


    805 Criterium created a banner with us displaying their main sponsors for the event. Creating a yellow background allows the sign to become more noticeable. This banner was an important asset to the event because it displayed 805 Criterium's purpose to benefit the Lompoc Police Foundation. We were honored to not only help 805 Criterium with their banners, but we also helped Avnte Apparel with their van wrap. Avnte Apparel is a new bicycle apparel brand and they were responsible in making the winning jerseys for the race. Avnte_banner4sale

    We are happy to be apart of an event that is so dedicated to its cause.  We hope for the best for the Lompoc Police Foundation!

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