Affordable, Eco-friendly Banners and Yard Signs


Monster Media is proud to announce that we will be attending Southern California's biggest and bestest Surf/Skate/Snow trade show this year. That's right, we're going to be at the Agenda Trade Show, taking place over two days (January 7th & 8th) at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Where will our booth be located? *Cue nervous laughter* Ha ha... er... um, funny story about that. We don't actually HAVE a booth per say, we're going in punk rock! "Punk Rock" as in we're heading to the trade show with a bag full of mini desktop wood prints so we can hand them out to anyone who comes up to us and says "Hi." (Not "punk rock" as in panhandling for money outside of Taco Bell to buy a $150 dollar leather jacket)

The elusive (and incredibly handsome) Derric from Monster Media will have his boots on the ground for the two day event, so if you see someone looking like the image provided below, come up to him and introduce yourself.

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