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  • Posters: From the Classroom to the Convention Hall

    It’s one of the more memorable moments from your childhood: having to stand in front of the classroom and present a poster project, all nervous knees and sweaty palms. That may not be you now, but posters are still prevalent today more than ever.

    Picking a Poster for Your Event

    Not all events need outlandish designs that takes up such large spaces. Downsize and economize with a poster instead! Whether it’s a small conference, a training session, or sale for your storefront, say it all with a poster.

    However, posters can be used for short-term outdoor use, they may not be substantial for extreme weather conditions. For more banners tailored for outdoor use, check out

    Big Events, Small Packages

    Some posters are meant to be on the sidelines of your projects. Even for large events like conventions, trade shows, and fairs, a poster is not only a clever option for advertising, but can also free up space for your booth. With posters, more information on your differing products can be included, rather than one large space occupied by one subject.

    Let’s say you’re an artist planning on selling some art at a convention. Create a poster advertising yourself, or as a price list for your wares. Got a game going on at your booth? Use posters to make a scavenger hunt around the convention to engage with attendees.

    Minding the Material

    Our posters are not made from your standard printer paper, but is our own special brand of cardstock-like paper that is guaranteed to give you a crispness to your images. Sizes range from 11” x 17” to 24” x 36”, or as large as 4 ft wide.

    With odds like these, you’re only limited by your imagination.

    Create a giant poster for a science fair project heading to bigger things. Design a poster for your favorite sports team as you cheer them on in the season.

    Whatever the case may be, check out our posters available. Need a creativity boost or some Photoshop savvy? Give our design team a call and they’ll work with you to get a perfect print.

  • City WT Kung Fu Banner NYC

      New York City can be a tough place to live, and a tough place to do business! City WT Kung Fu wants to reach out and grab the attention of NYC citizens to train them to defend themselves and stay fit. This 6' x 11' banner printed with their artwork should get the message across. If you need help defending yourself from competitors, our eye catching large format banners can help. Please contact Marc at 951-684-3111 for a quote on one today.

  • Salsa Festival Banners - Redwood City Parks & Recreation

     This banner job was hot! When the Redwood City Parks and Recreation Department needed some directional banners for their Salsa Festival made quickly and accurately, they came to us. We got the banners printed and shipped with plenty of time to spare for the Department to place around the festival site. Now people know which direction to go in whether they want to eat salsa or dance salsa. With tequila and beer tasting also at the festival, it's a good thing the banners are large and easy to read!

    When we get artwork files from clients that are ready to print, the turn around time between us getting the order and shipping the order is fast. Our 13 oz webbed banner material is ideal for directional signage that holds up in all types of weather, and it's economical as well. All banners come with double stitched hems and are grommeted every 2' for easy hanging.

    If you have an event pending where you need banners of any type contact Marc at 951-684-1111.

  • Large Scott Equipment Rental Banner

    Here's a big 5' x 20' banner done for Scott Equipment. Scott was looking to capitalize on the passing traffic by using this banner next to some of the machinery they rent. This big banner is simple and clean. What they do, their contact info and logo in a clean layout. If you only have a moment to grab people's attention, you must be effective. Monster Media is here to help!

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