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  • Running for Office: Campaign Yard Sign Ideas

    It's getting awfully close to campaign time. November. Just. Around. The. Corner. Are you panicking yet? You should be, because you know what that means? The campaign signs are coming!

    However, if you're running for a position yourself this fall, whether it's your college senate or your city council, it's time for some pretty nifty campaign signs that will get you noticed.

    We offer many kinds of banners for your traveling campaign needs, but you'll also want something small and versatile, that can be "planted" anywhere.

    See what I did there? ;)

    I'm talking about yard signs.

    Rockin' the Red, White, and Blue Yard Signs

    There's an obvious trend in signs, where the higher the position you're running for, the more patriotic you're advertising will be. Nary has there been a senator or city council sign without an homage to the stars and stripes. Some other symbols are the Constitution, the Statue of Liberty and the flag itself.

    There' no official reason why this, but it goes to show how politics and patriotism go hand in hand. Let's look at some other ideas, for those who might need a break from the proud colors for a while.

    This takes the "vote" and turns into a clever image, making the "v" into a check mark, like on a voting ballot.

    It's always a good idea to include your face on your sign. Voters want to see what you look like; not some drone that they've never heard of or seen.  In addition to that, your personality will shine a lot better through your facial expression, so be yourself.

  • "I'm Melting!": Messy & Colorful Banner Artwork

    We've all done weird things on those hot summer days as kids. Frying eggs on the sidewalk, water gun fights, melting crayons...which brings me to today's topic! Melting things!

    Above is a melted crayon picture, which has been altered to leave a blank space for a romantic couple photo. Awwww. But see how beautiful it is! The melted gray and blue crayon wax mimics rain in a way that you haven't seen before.

    Wacky Wax Custom Banner Ideas

    We've talked about splatter, watercolor, so let's embrace a new effect!

    Now before you go running to the store for a box of crayons and a hair dryer, consider what you are marketing. A melting crayon technique would be perfect for a back-to-school banner, a welcome banner or any sort of child-like touch that your next event needs. Got a new teacher? Celebrate her welcome with a mock-melted crayon banner.

    We DON'T mean for you to take some crayons and melt them directly onto a banner! That can get messy and a little gross, especially for your upholstery. But create something on some brand poster paper or a board in your backyard and work a little photoshop magic on the computer to create the perfect banner.

    Not a graphic designer at heart? No problem! Here on our website, you can upload the photo to us and our creative team can help you create your vision, with your melted crayon  background as inspiration.

  • Spooky Banners!

    September is here and you know what that means! Halloween is right around the corner!

    What? Did you think I was going to say back-to-school? Of course not!

    But with Halloween comes all the planning that comes with it, and for a few businesses it’s as big as the winter holiday season. If you’re planning on holding a Halloween event, such as a haunted house or trail, a party or a scary-themed Fall banquet, then print large banners to draw the crowds!

    And don’t just put any old skull & crossbones on your banner, but develop a design that truly frightens the willies out of your customers. However, if your event is more family friendly, a few smiling jack o’ lanterns will do the trick.

    And if you’re feeling stuck or can’t quite get that witch to look scary enough, then feel free to “summon” our creative team! Okay, not a real summoning, but we are definitely here to help you create the perfect frightening banner for your haunted event.

    Got a pumpkin patch? Advertise your patch with a Large Format Banner or an Outdoor Banner to fully capture the attention of your potential customers. With our help, you can make it a more family-friendly banner.

  • Jumpin' Back in Time: Black & White Vintage Banners

    Everyone loves a little bit of nostalgia now and then, and what better way to embrace that then through old-fashioned black and white photography.  It creates a sort of longing and admiration for the past, while embracing the future of our imaging technology.'ve got an event coming up. A 50's Sock-Hop, re-opening a diner, a themed dinner (perhaps with a side of some noir murder mystery?) and you want to welcome your guests and customers by ushering them back in time to the era where color knew no bounds. Why not do it with a vintage black and white image for your banner?

    Waiting in Grand Central Station by James Maher

    Vivid Vintage Banner Images

    Alright, that got a little too nostalgic, but you see the appeal, yes? Black and White images for banners appeal to the occasional longing in all of us for the glamor of the past. If you've got a vintage theme for your business or upcoming event, you can take old photos of your family and friends, and with a little Photoshop magic, you can transform them into black and white photos of old.

    Use your newly transfigured images as a focus image for your next family reunion or business banner advertisement. You'll get a room full of smiles when people see what you've accomplished with their photographs.

    If you want to see more black and white photography that will give you chills, then check out this article on

  • A Look at Clarity: Vector Images for Banners

    If you're just starting out and learning the ropes of graphic design, you've probably only heard the word "vector" uttered in passing. For those who don't know, a vectored image is  much smoother to look at and can be adjusted to any size without changing the clarity of the images. The opposite is the pixel effect: making your image look blocky when blown up to a larger size.

    To create a vector image, the subject is broken into general shapes and pieced back together. Some graphic artists have taken this tool and transformed photographs and artwork into something smooth and stream-lined, and very nice to look at.

    Vectorizing Your Next Custom Banner

    After that short lecture, it goes without saying that an image that you want on your next banner is recommended to be vectorized. This will help when the time comes and you decide that, maybe, you want that bigger banner instead. The clarity of your image will remain the same, down to the last detail.

    Of course, if you're having trouble with this, we've got an awesome creative team who's here to help. If you've got your image ready to go, then simply upload it with your order and we'll get that printed for you.  Vector images are a great fail-safe for the unexpected moment that you decide you need to make changes, or want to print another banner in a bigger size or different material.

    Want to see some amazing vector art? Check out this compilation article from Noupe!

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