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  • Banner Inspiration! Featuring David A. Reeves

    It's always cool to see a photograph where no Photoshop touches have been done, and everything within the frame is raw and real.

    Now, David Reeves' style isn't as "gut-wrenchingly" hardcore as other photographers, but his paper scenes are pretty impressive.

    Using his camera, some bins, black paper, and clever positioning, Reeves can create all sorts of scenes, like a cowboy shootout, a samurai duel, or a little boy lost at sea. At first glance, they may seem out of place, something is off about them. But what you don't know is that they're all made of paper, with the scenery and characters specifically positioned to give that background/foreground blur and feel.

    Let's take a look at my favorite: the Samurai Duel!

    And here's how he did it...

    Clever, eh? I thought so.  If you check out his tumblr site HERE, he not only shows off his best photographs, but also a picture of how he set them up.

    So...what's the lesson? A banner design doesn't have to be expensive or photoshopped to the point of unrecognizable. Sometimes, just using paper, a clever set-up, and a camera is all you need. Take a picture of your creation, blow it up, and turn it into an awesome ad for your newest product, event, or store sale. Personally, I think these would be great for film festivals or movie theaters. :)

  • Banner Giveaway! Jeff Soto & the Seeker Friends

    Candy Eaters Banner Banner4Sale has partnered with Prints on Wood to bring you some great work from artist, Jeff Soto. We are offering free banners of his next work in the Seeker Friends print series!

    Currently at Prints on Wood, Jeff Soto is selling a series of unique prints featuring cute creatures doing various activities: gardening, guitar, painting, etc. Each new Seeker Friend is released once a month, and the next one is coming up real soon!

    So, here's the 411!

    We are giving away four 5' x 5' banners featuring the new Seeker Friend, "The Candy Eaters", just in time for Halloween! There will be two opportunities to win:

    1. Go to and "Like" BOTH Facebook buttons on the home page beneath the scrolling images. If you do this between Thursday October 4th at noon (PST) and Friday October 5th, noon (PST), you'll  be automatically entered. Two people will be chosen at random to win.
    2. If you've already got a couple of Seeker Friends at home, then try the Instagram win! We want to see your Seeker Friend in the *wild*. Are they on your bookshelf, by your computer? In the kitchen? On your desk at work? As a paperweight...(I hope not!). Take some lovely pictures and post them on Instagram between Thursday October 4th, noon (PST) and Friday October 5th, noon (PST). Use the hashtag #seekerfriends and Jeff Soto will pick his two favorites.
    Since we are giving away four banners, obviously there will be four winners! So, what are you waiting for?? Grab your camera or the nearest computer and start "liking" our page, or take wonderful glamor shots of your beloved Seeker Friends. Don't forget the hashtag!
  • Taste-Buds & Banners: Food Photography to Drool Over

    Oh, honey, we know what you're doing at lunch and dinner. Don't pretend like you don't take pictures of your food and then post it on Instagram. But don't worry, we aren't here to tease. In fact, we encourage it!

    Banners with images of food are great for:

    • Restaurant promotions
    • Food Fairs!
    • Festivals
    • Culinary School
    Take a look below, then grab your camera! It's about to get hot in this kitchen.

    Hungry yet? Me too *sigh*.

    And they all look so good, don't they? It's too bad professional food photographers often use substitutes like motor oil, blowtorches, hairspray, shoe polish and glue to make those tasty food photos look shiny, steaming, and appealing. But hey! They do what they're supposed to: make us want all those dang good foods so bad, we want to jump through the screen to get it.

    Carving Out a New Design

    Glamorous shots of your platefuls of plenty are nice and all, but what I especially like are the fruit & veggie carvers. They can turn any mundane-lookin' fruit and turn it into a masterpiece, like the watermelon below. I love this one, because take a look inside: it's not the outside of the melon that got a makeover!

    Juicy and artistic. Not bad. Here's a couple of other carvings that tickled my fancy.

    Now that those are all done, please excuse me while I go in search of sustenance. All of this food talk has made me hungry beyond belief.

    For more amazing food carvings, check out this article.

    For more professional food photography, here's an article just for you!

  • Minimalist Product Shots for Banners

    Businesses are always looking for new ways to market their select products, of course. But throwing out complicated terms and over-designed ads isn't going to make it any easier. Sometimes, just like with the minimalist movie posters, the thing that you need to do is crop out more than you add in. Funny enough, we already have several examples out there in the market for you to draw from!

    Showcasing a Product on a Banner

    Take a look at ads from Apple or Amazon: when they're showcasing that trendy new tablet, e-reader, or iPhone, what do you see? Most of the time, it's just someone using the product in a single action: lying on a beach, a hammock, at work, or on the go. Very simple. It shows your product alive and well, and most of all functional, in the wild!

    Another technique you can use is absolutely nothing. I mean it: nothing. Have nothing else in the ad except for your product, the name of it, a slogan, and maybe your company logo. Apple and Amazon have utilized this for the iPhone and the Kindle e-readers, and it's quite effective.

    The "nothingness" in the background of the ad draws more attention to the product. it gives an aura of subtle power and confidence, and let's the customer observe the finer details without being overloaded with background clutter. Take a look at the following examples and get started on some great banner designs of your own!

    "The Wi-Fry" from McDonald's

    from Sensodyne

    "Tongue" from Pringles

    "Find More Easily" from Google
  • Creepy Halloween Banner Ideas: Abandoned Amusement Parks

    Disneyland, Six Flags, Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios, Schlitterbahn...

    Sound familiar? That's because these theme parks are still well in existence, well in pocket, and doing fine in attendance.

    But have you heard of Gulliver's Kingdom? Or Chippewa Lake Park? There's plenty more that would simply fly over your head, unless you were born many decades ago. These abandoned amusement parks are so-called due to poor attendance or natural disasters. Since then, nature has reclaimed the land, leaving behind hollow shells of rides that once were. Yes, it's kind of sad to say good bye to these beloved places of childhood fantasy, but nowadays, if you visit them, they're just downright creepy.

    If you're stumped on a banner design for Halloween this coming October, it might behoove  you to take a look at some amazingly chilly abandoned amusement park images. This would be especially appropriate if you're planning some sort of Haunted Trail or Haunted Hay Ride. All the rust, the overgrown ivy and foliage, and twisting me the willies just thinking about.

    This is from a FunFair near Pyongyang, the capitol of North Korea. It has long been abandoned since the state could no longer fund it.

    From Chernobyl. 'Nuff said. I mean, I don't even want to know what that is...

    Now that we've all been significantly chilled (and had some of our childhood memories dashed), swing on over to Top Design Mag and read this article on more abandoned amusement parks.

  • Perfect Timing: Unexpected Images for Banners

    As I've probably said before, photography is a wonderful thing. You can capture that singular moment in time that can never be recreated. But what's funny, is that sometimes your timing can turn a casual photo into a rip-rolling laugh factory. We're going to take a look at some "perfectly timed photos" to see why they make us giggle, cringe, or leave us in awe.

    Well, ain't this nifty? A crane holding up a cute. Not only is this kind of beautiful, it can used to send a message: how small our world is when compared to the far reaches of space.

    Shadow tricks are always fun. Had you fooled, huh? Don't worry, she's not really levitating...or IS SHE??'

    "No, I cannot be bothered with tennis! I must dance!" Like I said, rip-rolling laugh factory.

    Alright, let's calm down a bit with this one. Not only is it perfectly timed, but it's also supremely beautiful. A lot can be compared with dancers and blossoms.

    That's just unfortunate.


    Why am I showing all of these? As I've said in previous posts, humor goes a long way in this world. When in doubt, make them laugh! A lot of these "perfectly timed photos" you find out there will settle more in the laugh category. For your next custom banner design, research and create some truly heinous but perfectly timed shots to give your customers the giggles.

    Can't get enough? Then head on over to this article from Top Design Magazine.

  • Great Banner Images with Multiplicity Shots

    Crowd shots are fun, but what if you want the same person repeated over and over again?

    Lex Macho Inc.

    Never fear, it can be done! And what's more, you can do it at home with Photoshop. With just one actor/model, a camera, some Photoshop magic and sense of clever product placement, you can create humorous or thought-provoking banner ads while still saving money.

    These aren't just limited to the curious image either: use the same model in different pieces for a fashion spread; a before and after project; or a frightening Halloween-esque picture.

    "We Are One" by Dave Wares

    "Mac Blend" by R. Malayeri

    "Cynthia Venezuela Multiplicity" by Henry G. Anima

    So, for your next banner design, perhaps you can create a multiplicity shot with your newest product in different places around a room. If it's a multi-purpose device, then show  all of its functions at once! Or, as you've seen above with Henry G. Anima's piece, you can create a fashion spread for one look from several different angles.

    Regardless of how you use the technique, make it fun, make it informative, make it yours.

    Check out more than 50 brilliant multiplicity shots from topdesign mag HERE.

  • Minimalist Banners: A New Trend in Advertising

    It's sometimes easier to step back and keep your next banner design simple. Just the basic geometric shapes will do, or what's most important to your business or event.

    by Edgar Ascensao

    There's a trend circling around called "Minimalist Movie Posters". It's about designing a mock movie custom poster by taking what you think is the most symbolic aspect of the film and bringing it to the forefront. For example, the movie "Thor" might have a single picture of the famous hammer and absolutely nothing else. If it's done well, or if you've chosen the right symbol, you may not even need the film's title in the piece. The image itself will tell the whole story.

    by Daniel Keane

    This approach can ignite a curiosity within your customers: imagine a single image and a few words on a wide banner. If chosen right, you could spark a viral marketing campaign that will leave your customers eager to discover what's coming. And while this is mostly successful for Hollywood, big businesses like Apple and Amazon have utilized this technique. Not in banners, per se, but in the limited clues they release up to the big reveal event.

    by Jonny Eveson

    Have you enjoyed the examples? Well, here's a few more to whet your appetite:

    By Matt Owen

    by Maria Kaner

    by Robert Olah

    If you like what you see, then check out Minimal Movie Posters, a tumblr-based archive of some of the greatest designs out there.

  • Body Art on Banners: "Drawing" Inspiration from Tattoos

    Tattoos and other forms of body art have certainly evolved in the past decade. What's even more intriguing is the level of care and creativity that most people have put into their self-defining marks.

    Although this is a more bizarre connection to banners, one has to admit that there is always a sense of beauty and reverence to a really well-done tattoo. Using the body as a canvas for your next banner image is not only striking, but can also be thought-provoking, depending on what you're trying to say.

    To really appreciate some impressive work, I'm going to be showing images specifically of Yakuza tattoos. The Yakuza are criminal gangs in Japan, whose members get elaborate tattoos to show status and power within the gang.

    Various Body Banner Images

    Full body, back, and shoulder tattoos are the most popular. The tattooing process is also much more painful then Western style tattooing, but the colors are amazing. Alright, without getting too scandalous, let's look at some tats.

    If you want your next banner to coax a conversation, then showing a body tattooed with your message would definitely draw a crowd. Just remember your demographic: double-check if your image is appropriate for the event.

    Having trouble with the image? No problem. Call us up and we'll collaborate with you on some great ideas.

    Here's a couple of non-Yakuza tattoos that I found particularly inspiring:


  • A Guide to Using Banners and Other Advertising at Conventions: PART 2

    Seize Your Space!

    Take advantage of your space! Every artist is allotted the confines of a certain size booth. You get all the table space as well as above (although that may differ depending on the convention). Don’t be a jerk and try to spill over onto your neighbor’s table: keep it classy and stay in your cube. Many artists implement different techniques with what they have.

    The following pictures are pulled from Google, and come from different conventions. Let’s take a look at some booths and examine how they make it work in their own right.

    These lovely ladies have definitely utilized the space that they have!

    • Take a look at their table: every inch is covered with their merchandise, from cards to prints to postcards.
    • Observe the edges of the table: there’s a fold out screen where they hung buttons and keychains for sale, propped up some books and displayed prices. There’s also signs about who they are.
    • Above them is a PVC pipe arrangement where various prints and art examples are hung.

    Now, it’s understandable how some people could be “turned off” by how this looks. BUT let’s consider the advantages of such a loud display:

    • their art style is very clear, from the sheer amount of art on display. If someone happened to be passing through the aisle and something caught their eye on the PVC pipe hangings, boom! New customer.
    • Nothing is hidden: honest display
    • The more that’s on the table, the longer that someone interested will linger and possibly buy something

    Here is the lovely Mike Gray: I don’t know who he is, but I like how his booth is arranged. He has taken a more simplistic approach.

    • Background: He chose to show a simple banner with a cartoon figure of himself and his website.
    • Table: Signs (i.e. “Free Sketch!” etc), free candy??, a contact sheet clipboard, books, sketchpad, even a DVD player in the corner!Sides & Above: Nothing other than a button/magnet board
      • Tables like these typically feature albums with all their art stored inside, rather than hung up like the other booth example.

    This is a “comfortable” booth: not too loud, but not quiet either. Some advantages:

    • Approachable, very open: depending on your style, it might behoove you to NOT be cluttered with so many hanging displays and busy table bits.
      • He also leaves room to draw where someone can see, rather than hide behind his sketchbook.
    • Display is clear, more geared to his professional work: he showcases some of his art, but not too much where it overloads the senses
    • The banner is advantageous: shows information that may not otherwise be shown on his other merchandise

    Now, here at Banner4Sale, we can provide you with banners specifically tailored for conventions and trade-shows. We recommend a Trade Show Banner, although those tend to run larger. A retractable banner is more practical for booth use.

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