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  • Riverside Aims to Conserve

    Riverside Conserve Banner

    Riverside, California is a city that constantly aims to improve the city as a whole, whether it is agriculturally, naturally, or environmentally. One of the services Riverside focuses on are its public utility services. They have offered safe and reliable electric and water services for over 100 years. They have also continued to provide and use environmentally friendly forms of energy such as solar, wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric. This month, the City Council approved Riverside's Utility 2.0 plans for the future electric and water utilities. Riverside's Public utilities (RPU), has came up with a well thought out plan to better Riverside in the Utilities department to ensure great energy and environmentally friendly sources for the future. Riverside will be facing a whole lot of new innovations such as replacing old pipelines and damaged electric equipment and, investing in newer technology. We're happy to be part of a community that cares just as much about our environment as we do!

    Riverside conserve banner1

    We had to take this bad boy outside cause it was so big! We created an extremely large wall banner to help Riverside County with its public utilities efforts. Large banners like these are more noticeable to the general public, which help send the message across. Conserving energy should be a priority!


  • Promotional Booklets and Banners

    Whether you're an avid reader or not, chances are you like to thumb through highly intricate and heavily illustrated pages. If you've got a business to promote on top of that, then you're in luck, for I've got a solution for you. Ever heard of a Promotional Booklet?

    A Promotional Booklet is pretty much a more thorough (and cooler!) way of advertising yourself or whichever new product is out. When I say cooler, I mean that it's much nicer to flip through than a brochure. You've got more room for pictures, text, and diagrams, than any standard brochure space.

    In lieu of trade show events and conventions, these handouts are much more engaging to an attendee, and potential customer, than a brochure. Meeting with clients or have a waiting area in your office? Have these available for customers to thumb through to get them more interested. Perhaps it will already answer surface questions they had, so that when you meet face to face you can talk on equal standing.

    Consider this type of promotional item/giveaway for your next event. Couple it with a smashing banner and booth design and you're ready to tackle any trade show thrown at you.

    Like what you see? Then head on over to Noupe for an amazing list they've gathered of over 50 other kinds of promotional booklets. You can find the article HERE.

  • Five Awesome Fonts for Fall

    October is here and November is just around the corner. Over here in California, it's just started to get cooler and the rain is coming. However, if you're on the East Coast, you're probably seeing something much more pretty.

    So! You've got fall events coming up, and they are a-plenty. Well, to shake things up for your advertising campaign, why don't we take a gander at some beautiful typography? Perhaps you'll be inspired and take that extra leap forward to make your next Custom Banner even more exciting for the upcoming holidays.


    by Lady Sara

    by West Wind Fonts

    Autumn is a symbolic time, a look back as the year draws to a close. So, it's no surprise that autumn events tend to fall back on more nostalgic fonts that resemble old style writings and signs. Here's a look at a couple that resemble the ol' Wild West:


    by Last Soundtrack

    by John Singer

    What ever your choice may be, remember the important things: make sure your font is relevant to your business or event and that, above all else, it's legible. No one wants a banner that they an't even read. If you're having trouble picking between fonts, call us up and we'll help you out with the design!

  • The Sleeping Sea King Stage Back Drop

    Southern California rock band The Sleeping Sea King asked us to provide them with a backdrop for their upcoming string of live shows is support of their new album "May Cause Death". This banner is a perfect size for smaller club shows @ 10' x 8' and large enough for larger capacity events as well. This banner is perfect for photos having been printed on matte super smooth vinyl which is non reflective as well as durable and easy to clean after club shows. For a free quote call Jared @ 951-684-3111

  • Large Scott Equipment Rental Banner

    Here's a big 5' x 20' banner done for Scott Equipment. Scott was looking to capitalize on the passing traffic by using this banner next to some of the machinery they rent. This big banner is simple and clean. What they do, their contact info and logo in a clean layout. If you only have a moment to grab people's attention, you must be effective. Monster Media is here to help!

  • Trader Joe's "Super Smooth" Banner

    Trader Joe's and photographer Evan Robinson came to us for a large banner. Printed on 15 oz "Super Smooth" vinyl, this special project banner was hung in the original Trader Joe's store in Los Angeles, CA.

  • The Devastated

    Century Media Records recording artists The Devastated came to us for a stage back drop to use on their upcoming U.S. tour. This back drop was printed on non reflective, fire retardant V300 material.

  • 180 South "Super Smooth" Trade Show Banners

    180 South came to us to print banners for their up coming trade show booth. These large

    banners were printed on 15oz "Super Smooth" vinyl which printed vibrant and sharp.

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