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  • Artist Banners for Desert Trip

    As Desert Trip draws closer and closer, we've begun to roll out the banners we've created for the artists that will be performing at this event.

    Desert Trip (aka The Coachella of Classic Rock), is a 3-day festival that will be hosted in Indio, California. This 3-day festival promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime-event for all attendees. This year, Desert Trip will be hosting Rock 'N Roll giants such as: The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and His Band, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, The Who, and Roger Waters. Single day passes start at $199, with 3-day passes going up to $399 for GA, and the highest tickets priced up to $1,599. Desert Trip will also be bringing in culinary masterminds for an extravagantly catered food and drink experience. This trip is sure to be one for the books.



    With our large vinyl banners, it will be easy for attendees to get a view of which artist is performing and is sure to increase hype and excitement. The bright, colorful, and eye-catching displays are sure to capture and draw attention when walking around the field.






    As you can see with Bob Dylan banners, we have used photos of his album covers to create beautiful and vibrant vinyl banners. For this large event banner, we recreated his "Highway 61 Revisited" album cover. After being designed and printed, the banner will be hand-cut and stitched together to create one whole image. Our banners are creative, unique, and durable enough to last through the heat during this 3 day event.

    We hope everyone enjoys this event! Stay hydrated and keep a look out for all of our banners and signage!

  • Mark the Calendar for May 27th

    In the month of May, we’ve got a few celebrations to hark about. Mother’s Day, some graduations...but sometimes we forget about the important one that comes at the end: Memorial Day.

    Memorial Day was formed after the Civil War to honor the fallen soldiers. Since then, it’s evolved to encompass all the wars that Americans have fought and died in. It’s a day of remembrance, and to give thanks to the veterans and servicemen still out there today.


    So, if you’ve got a special veteran in your life, be they living or deceased, honor their memory and service with a banner.

    When my friend’s brother came home from his last tour in Afghanistan, I helped make hand-made posters with glitter glue and paint. But those eventually fade or get trashed. I felt guilty, wanting to provide something that could be remembered and not easily tossed out. A custom banner would have been the perfect solution. It’s something the family can keep around the house, or perhaps to hang outside on their fence, so the neighborhood knows that their soldier is home now.


    Even if you don’t have a loved one who is serving, you can help by creating a banner to welcome home the troops or support locals around your neighborhood who have served.

    Want to do more for the veterans? Fundraisers are always welcomed, and banners can provide the advertisement you need to attract donors, especially in public places such as parks, churches, or community centers. You can also make a banner for the fundraiser, providing care packages to be sent overseas (like the Girl Scouts!).

  • Easter Banners

    Ah, Easter. Yet another chocolate holiday, the bane of every dieter.

    But it's still a fun and family-friendly holiday, full of games, and feasting, and general mayhem. Easter is also a time that many people throw parties. You've got Easter Egg Hunts in the community, Easter dinners, etc. So, why not have use a banner to showcase your upcoming Easter festivities?


    Origins of Easter

    For Catholics & Christians, and other denominations, Easter is the celebration of Jesus rising from the grave, three days after his crucifixion. It's also considered a "moveable feast", meaning it doesn't fall on the same day every year. Which is why this year it's on March 31st.

    But what does the Easter Bunny have to do with a Catholic holiday?

    Nothing, actually. The rabbit is a symbol of new life and fertility in many cultures around the world. In 1680, a German author wrote the first story about a hare laying eggs and hiding them in gardens. When the legend was brought to the United States by German immigrants, children started making nests for the eggs, which gradually turned into colorful baskets. While colored eggs are still apart of the holiday, the little gifts have also changed to chocolate and other sugar treats.

    Easter Banner Ideas

    Alright, now that we've got the history out of the way, let's take a look at some possibilities for Easter banners.

    Can't Take a Yolk

    Eggs are symbolic of Easter, that's a given. If you have an Egg Hunt in mind for your community, or just your own gaggle of kids, than create a banner with plenty of egg design. Perhaps, you can also hold an egg-decorating contest at your local farmer's market, or an egg toss challenge for couples. Or you can do what the White House does and use the lawn for an Egg Roll.

    The Easter Bunny

    The quintessential symbol of Easter. If he's not everywhere on your banner, it may not fly in your community. What's great about an animal mascot for a holiday, is that you can design him however you like: make him cute, make him punk, make him anyway you want to. Need inspiration? Check out that latest Dreamworks film "Rise of the Guardians" and take a look at the Easter Bunny. He's pretty awesome.

    Alright, well that's all for now! Check back throughout March as I explore more symbols you can put into your banner designs, from St. Patrick's Day to Easter. :)

  • 3Doodler Brings New Design

    Hey everybody! We're going to take a break from Academy Awards news today, to bring you something truly amazing and cutting-edge. It's called the 3Doodler!

    What is it, you ask?

    This pen is pretty much a cross between a pen and hot-glue gun. It enables to draw, or "doodle" something on a page and pick it up straight off the paper. What's even better, though, is that it lets you draw UP.

    In other words, true 3D models, straight from the pen.

    Still not convinced? Check out the video below from their Kickstarter:

    Crazy, right?

    It may not be the most pretty device out there, but it's still an amazing step forward in design and modeling.

    Using 3Doodler for Banners

    So, what does this have to do with banners? Well, it more has to do with design in general. Imagine that you're a brand new design business, and you're trying to think of ways to interact with the public. Well, one case could be to use the 3Doodler. Allow fans and designers under your umbrella to doodle for you. Have them think of crazy new products, logos, or type lettering.

    You can create a banner that has a blueprint on it, and have customers play with the 3Doodler by tracing the blueprint. Fun for everyone!

    The makers of 3Doodler teamed up with a group of Etsy designers that specialized in wire art, and told them to basically play around with the device. They came up with the following designs:

    If you're liking what you're seeing, take a moment to visit their kickstarter page HERE.

  • Make Way for Lunar New Year!


    The Lunar New Year is here and it’s the Year of the Snake! This Chinese holiday is a symbolic festival for the coming of spring, and can stretch over a period of weeks. There’s food markets, dancing lions, flying dragon kites, and so much more.

    For many Chinese communities, and other Asian cultures that follow the calendar, this is a time to celebrate the new year with family and friends. Just this past weekend, in Riverside CA, “Lunarfest” was held in downtown Riverside. Not only did they celebrate traditional Chinese new year, but they opened the festival to all ranges of Asian culture, from the Polynesian islands to the Japanese taiko drums. They had some pretty amazing decorations, banners, and plenty of food to go around.

    The official Lunar New Year’s day is February 10th, so there’s still some time to plan a grand celebration. Whether it’s smaller affair for your family or a street festival for your community, here’s some tips and traditions to get you going:

    1) Year of the Snake

    According to the calendar, this is the Year of the Snake! If you want a mascot for your event, then a snake is the way to go. Have someone design a truly unique snake for your Lunar New Year festival. Make it cartoony, realistic, hardcore, whichever way you want to go.

    2) Red Envelopes

    Unlike the popular Les Mis song, red here does not symbolize “the blood of angry men”. In fact, red is a very lucky color in Chinese culture. Children traditionally receive red envelopes with money in them from family and friends. These envelopes can be decorated however you like, with some designs incorporating cartoons.

    3) Fireworks!

    Now, don’t go grabbing firecrackers off the shelves just yet. While these are traditional and great fun to watch, make sure that you have some authorities on hand to supervise the launch. Otherwise it’s illegal in most of the United States (!).

    4) Dragon Dance & Lion Dance

    It’s said that the faces of dragons and ferocious lions, along with loud drums and cymbals will scare away evil spirits from the festivities. That’s why many temples or community groups will have dragon and lion dances at their festivals. These colorful props are entertaining for children and adults alike. What I love the most about the lion dancers is how acrobatic they are!

    5) Paper Lanterns

    Although lanterns are used frequently in Chinese holidays, they vary in shape and size, depending on the holiday at hand. For Lunar New Year, they’re a bright red and oval or spherical shaped. However, they’re all made from paper.

  • Trade Show Booths: The Best of CESs Past

    Starting tomorrow, January 8th, the Consumer Electronics Show will be in full swing in Las Vegas, NV. My father, a geek in every right and proud of it, and being of sound mind and body, has said that CES is like the Comic-Con of tech junkies everywhere. After all, in our house one only has to look at the living room table to find piles of Consumer Electronics mags. But is he right?

    I wouldn't know, but what I do know is that trade shows and conventions are spectacular due to one thing: fantastic booth design. I said it, folks. Forget the freebies and product placements for a moment, will you? When you go to a convention you will always gravitate towards the most attractive booths to your eye, whether you know it or not. It may be some company you've never heard of, but "by golly that flying prop looks amazing. I want to see what it is!".

    I've gone back into the archives of CESs past to bring you some truly amazing vendor booth designs. They've got lights, they've got hanging banners, they've got more screen space than a stadium-size jumbotron. They sparkle, they shine, they tempt you with free demos. Let's go:

     1) Intel, 2008

    I...what IS that? A towering spiral of laptops? Who thinks of this? Regardless what I think, this is pretty sweet. And that blue lighting just makes it look all the more ethereal. Bravo.

    2) Samsung, 2012

    Not only is the sheer floor space a relief, but that ceiling Samsung displays they're visionary might with tons of television screens and what look like reflective mirrors(?). I could be wrong. But in any case, I would totally be a slack-jawed spectator, just watching that for hours.

    Man, I wish Comic-Con had space like that....

    3) Samsung, 2010

    Okay, I take that back. THIS is even more awesome than Samsung 2012's booth. The shape of the room, the way it looks like curtains into another world, the countless screens...hats off to you, Samsung.

    4) Griffin Technology, 2012

    Now for something completely different. How nice and homey, and (almost) away from all the blue tech giants.

    5) Microsoft, 2011

    It looms over the attendees like a god, and has the floor space to boot. Also, they put all their products at eye level, unlike Samsung where you have to crane your neck.

    Well, there you have it! My top five favorites after scouring the histories of the Consumer Electronics Show's for the best booth designs. And as CES 2013 is about to kick off, stay tuned here, where I'll be posting a look at this year's best designs.

  • The Best Sweet Sixteen in the World

    It’s every American teenager’s dream: to have  a massive mind-blowing party when they come of age. For some, it’s sixteen; in other cultures it’s thirteen, fifteen, eighteen or even twenty. Regardless of what age you reach adulthood, you know what to do about it, right?

    PARTY. HARD. Like it’s 1999.

    But let’s not get too hasty here, cowboy. Or cowgirl.

    There’s a lot of planning that needs to go into the perfect Sweet Sixteen bash (or Fifteen or Eighteen or--), and lucky for you, I’ve scoured the internet for the top things you’ll need to look fantastic for your next birthday bonanza.

    1) The Cake

    Food. Enough said.

    Alright, I’m just kidding. But seriously, folks, if you want to blow the minds of your party guests (like Scanners!), than get a seriously awesome cake. Keep in mind though, that although you’re trying to impress your friends, it is your party.

    Here’s some examples of birthday cakes that blew my mind:

    Why? WHY NOT.

    I know it says 30th Birthday, but really that could be for any girl!

    2) The Threads

    As a lot of other girls do, I tend to ogle over dresses. Be they spring, wedding, or prom dresses, sometimes it’s just fun to feel like a princess.

    GENTLEMEN: I haven’t forgotten about you either. Now, when it comes to your birthday, be yourself! If you’re looking to dress yourself up a bit, you don't have to keep with boring black and white.  Check out some spiffy tuxes I found below:

    Hey, if Ryan Gosling can pull it off...

    The Brown Tux

    The WHITE Tuxedo

    3) The Party

    So.....where is your party? It's an important question, but the good news is that not all parties are held in grand ballrooms and rented out stadiums. A great party can easily be held in your own home or a smaller venue. From banners, to decorations and table centerpieces...whatever your tastes may be, I hope you'll be inspired by some party venues I've found:

    Yes, you can even party with the dinosaurs!

     4) The Theme

    Okay, so usually a party is some sort of color theme, yes? Well, that doesn't have to be the case. As evidenced by MTV's "Super Sweet Sixteen" show, themes can range from punk to jungle, to Vegas casino. You just have to pick the one that fits you best.


  • Celebrating New Year's with Custom Banners


    When the countdown begins, wherever you are, you clutch the person closest to you: a friend, a family member, a loved one, a significant other. New Year’s Eve represents time, that second and third chance we give ourselves to make changes in our lives.

    For those who like to party like it’s 1999, it’s a time to break out the champagne, the cider, and the poppers and be thankful just to be alive. Well, we’ve got one month to go, folks. So, it’s time to start gathering your friends and planning that party.

    An Annual Banner Tradition


    Now, unless you’re planning a shindig downtown at the club, your party is most likely going to be a family & friends affair. In that case, it’s pretty economical to reuse New Year’s hats and glasses, etc. from year to year. But here’s another thing: if you’ve got reuseable party supplies, why not a reuseable banner?

    Create a custom banner, just for your family (or vague enough to be used anywhere), and voila! You have a banner that can be recycled year after year for whatever New Year’s party you plan to attend or organize yourself.

    Keep a lookout here for future tips this month on how to plan the greatest New Year's party! There'll be some tips for games, how to make it eco-friendly, and much more.

  • Outdoor Banners for the Seasons

    Halloween has passed, so take a deep breath, but don't sit down just yet! Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, so it's time to start thinking of what you can do for your business or event this holiday season.

    What are Outdoor Banners?

    Got a sale coming up? An outdoor event? My family loves to have Thanksgiving outdoors, on those classic picnic benches, but sometimes it's hilariously difficult to find each other. Our family gatherings are similar to amassing an army to feed.

    Outdoor banners are designed to withstand the elements, so hanging a banner to help your customers, family, or commuters find you would be a big help this holiday season.

    If your event is annual, simply roll it out for the next year as well. They're sturdy, and can be customized for the expected weather conditions.

    Outdoor Banners for Farms and Festivals

    Christmas Tree Farms/Lots, pumpkin patches, and turkey sales are on the rise this fall and winter! Create an eye-catching banner or sign that will grab the people's attention as they search for those necessary holiday needs!

    For Christmas Tree Lots around your neighborhood, get festive with your design. Using a white or light blue background with red or forest green type is noticeable on the road, completely opposite of the colors of road signs and freeway signs.


    As for the festival side, there's lots to do this holiday season! Thanksgiving prep-time is probably the most stressful time of the holiday, so ease your customers by using banners to point them to the nearest place to buy good food, such as a Farmer's Market.

  • Fantastic Science Fiction Fonts

    There's a plethora of awesome fonts out there in the nether-net. Some are free, some are not. But it's fun to explore different typography for your next banner ad! I love this new age in design, especially in the science fiction realm. We always see those vintage and retro fonts, but rarely do you see something that trends along the lines of science fiction. And what's cool is that people will recognize it as science fiction right away. With vintage, retro, or Western fonts, they can be used for all sorts of events. But with a science fiction font, there's almost no need for unnecessary text. There will be no mistaking your science-related event. Below are some samples of fonts that you've seen in film, television, and literature. It's the few that captured my attention, and are available for download: You can download these fonts and more, HERE. Also, Eaton Conference anyone? Now there's a science fiction convention if I've ever seen one! And what's more, Stan Lee is going to be there! If you've got a hankering for some good science fiction visuals, check it out in April.

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