Banner Basics: Embedding Images and Outlining Fonts

Posted on May 3, 2012 by Banner Expert 0 comments

Outlining & Embedding

Here at banner4sale, we do our best to make your experience as quick and easy as possible. Today I am going to address two of the biggest things that hinder and slow this process, embedding images and outlining fonts.

If you are placing an image into your file or linking to another file, please make sure to embed everything into the file you are going to upload. This ensures that your linked image or file comes attached to your artwork. Otherwise in most cases a empty box will just display where your image was supposed to be, or it will do its best to display your image, but this usually occurs with a loss of resolution. font tips

The other key thing to do is to outline all fonts when uploading a document with any text. If your text is not outlined and we do not have the fonts on our computers then your font will not be displayed correctly. embedding artwork tips

Both of these things are quick and easy to do before you upload your files and help ensure that you have a wonderful experience with us.

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