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Academy Awards - Part 2!

Aaaand we're back! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Today, it's going to be another "Movie Poster Inspiration" post, but this time we'll take a look at the Best Animated Feature Film category. Unleash the child in all of us!

Animated Films aren't just for children anymore; man, just watch any anime film or maybe Eight Crazy Night with Adam Sandler. Animation was meant as a medium that could portray something only a child-like imagination could feasibly think of. We can't always bring our dreams into reality (although technology is advancing to that level pretty soon), so we turn to animation.

This year's Oscar nominees are definitely my favorites that have come out this year. I will wholly admit that I have seen all of these films, and I admit it with pride! I'm not quite sure how the Academy judges these films, but I've got a few hunches up my sleeve for who they'll pick. Will it be another steal by Pixar? Or will underdog ParaNorman sweep the award? Maybe it'll be fan favorite - or should I say "nerd" favorite - Wreck-It Ralph?

So take a glance below at the impressive poster designs for each nominee:

1) Brave

This is the first released poster of Brave. It's from Pixar, and is the story of a Scottish princess who tries to change her destiny through magic and archery. Along the way, she reconnects with her mother and saves the kingdom.

It's a good story, and I love Pixar to death, but I must admit this isn't my favorite film from them. But did you see Merida's hair? Holy cow!

2) Frankenweenie

This is a re-telling parallel of Frankenstein, only with with pets.

I'm always a little apprehensive about Tim Burton films. However, this one had some charm...if you can get past the big eyed characters that is.

3) ParaNorman

This film is about a little boy who can see the dead, and must rescue his town from the incurred wrath of a witch.

This is another stop-motion animated film (what a trend this year!), and was definitely a come-from-behind surprise hit with the audience. Here's to you, ParaNorman!

4) The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Pirates! is about a band of "misfit pirates" who are out to win the Pirate of the Year Award! Enemies and shenanigans ensue!

I LOVE Aardman Animation Studios. If you recognize the style, it's the same studio that brought us Chicken Run, Flushed Away, and Wallace & Gromit. My childhood was spent with Wallace & Gromit, and I say that their humor was on-par with this film as well.

5) Wreck-It Ralph

Okay. I have to say it. This was my favorite animated film of the year. Bar none.

"Ralph" is about an arcade, where many games congregate together after-hours to mingle.  Ralph, however, is a game villain and goes on an adventure to prove that he can be a hero.

This was just a clever concept overall, and with the inclusion of popular video game characters like PacMan and Sonic the Hedgehog, it just made the experience all the more memorable. If you go to Disneyland today, there's an actual Wreck-It Ralph game you can play in the Tomorrowland arcade.

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