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  • The City of Riverside Fire Expo 2015

    Riverside Fire Expo bannerSafety is one thing, but being educated first hand on what to do in case of an emergency is another. Many people do not have the right education or believe to know what to do in emergency cases, until they are actually encountering them first hand. The City of Riverside believes that everyone should have the right education, so that if one happens to encounter a dangerous situation they will be prepared.

    The City of Riverside is holding a Police and Fire Expo for the sake of educating the community. Riverside's Fire Department encourages the community to learn more about the safety precautions and prevention. The fire departments make sure that people are aware of these safety precautions by holding programs like Fire Station Tours, A Disaster Preparedness, School visits, Learn Not to Burn and many more. During the Police and Fire Expo, they will be wowing the crowds with real life stunts like putting out car on fire. Make sure you all are educated about safety precautions, because it's not only your life that's on the line!

    We had the cool opportunity to create a street banner to be hung up on the streets of Downtown Riverside. This banner was supported by two poles on the opposite ends of the streets. We also inserted a few cuts within the banner to allow the wind to smoothly run through.

  • Promoting Healthy Living

    Here at Banner4sale, we not only print banners but we also print signs. Like banners, signage is an important asset to the organization of any event. It definitely eliminates the chaos that goes down within a  lost crowd. Our signs come in a variety of materials; however, our most popular one is coroplast signs.

    Health living signs

    Coroplast is made out of corrugated plastic sheets, but it is very durable and affordable. We have the basic option of printing in squares or rectangles, but that gets boring! Many of our clients like to get creative with their projects, and we're always down to give them what they need.

    Healthy living sign 2

    We worked together with Party Plus to help them out with an event at the Dryson Center at Loma Linda University. The Dyson Center is a health and wellness center open to the community and for the university. They are holding an event to promote healthy living and they were in need of some signage.

    Healthy living sign

    We created triangular signs that each had a letter to spell out "healthy superheroes." We also added grommets to each individual sign, so they could hang it up easily for their event.


    We also created circular signs that had health related words printed onto them. The bright colors definitely make the signs stand out and easy to read! We're happy to see the community work together to help people live healthier lives. What a great way to keep people accountable for their health.

  • German Brew Haus

    A little creativity and imagination goes a long way. When most people think of banners, they think of a basic rectangular sheet that is displaying some sort of brand or sign sending a message to a crowd. However, little do they know, banners can be useful for a variety of things such as, play back drops, event decorations, informative purposes and much more. In fact, here at Banner4sale, we can make them in all different customizable sizes, which leaves more room for creativity. German Brew Haus
    The above photo is a gigantic custom tent banner we recently did for Redwood City Parks & Recreation. It was posted at the far end of a tent being used as a backdrop for a stage. This project was designed to look like a old German Brew Haus for events held in the tent. To make this project work, we designed multiple pieces and printed to look like a solid piece. We then used wide strips of velcro to hold together the different pieces. It was quite the project, but it just goes to show what you can do here with a little imagination.
  • Mary Poppins Play Back Drop

    mary poppins back dropBanners can be useful for so many different things, whether it is to advertise a brand or for any event. Here at Banner4sale, we have the ability to print custom school banners in all different shapes and sizes. Cheap banners come extremely handy because they can vary in size; the larger the banner the more noticeable it is for people.

    mary poppins back drop1We have created many large banners for various reasons such as, large leasing signs for an apartment, the backdrop to a university's graduation, and the rear end of a tent for an event. Recently, we created a huge backdrop banner for a local playhouse. It was for their production of Mary Poppins. This one was definitely not the ordinary banner projects we usually get, so it was nice to be making something new. The bright colors on this banner will definitely stand out on stage with all the production lights. We can't wait to see what it looks like in full action!

  • Artavatar Custom Sign

    To some, attending school is a given, usually forced by parents to go; however, to others school is a privilege due to their financial standing. People take advantage of the unlimited opportunities to freely become educated in this world, but are so unaware of the impoverish areas where learning is out of their realm.

    artavatar_banner for sale

    Artavatar is a nonprofit organization that makes dreams come true for children who cannot attend school. They take portraits, "avatars," of children and transform those images into paintings. They then sell those paintings and the profit goes to each child's education. Banner4sale had the opportunity to help ArtAvatar by creating an extra long aluminum custom sign. This sign helps portray what their non-profit organization is about and how it came to be.

  • Redland's Believe Walk 2015

    Believe Walk is a non profit organization that helps those in the Inland Empire fight cancer. This organization forms a large community of volunteers to help thousands of men, women, children throughout the Inland Empire have courage to fight their cancer. They raise thousands of dollars and find donors and sponsors to help those  in need.

    Redland Believe Walk - Inspire someone today signbelievewalksigns

    Believe Walk is an event that is held on the first Sunday of October. Many gather together to support survivors and fighters in their journey.

    Redlands Believe Walk check in signRedlands Believe Walk 2015 1 mile marker sign

    This event raises money, which is donated to local cancer centers and organizations to provide access to Quality Cancer Care, Early Detection & Holistic Care Education, Patient and Caregiver Support Services, Referral and Resource Information.

    believewalksign1We are extremely priviledged to help an organization with a great cause. They ordered quite a few event signs and street banners from us for their Believe Walk event held on the first Sunday of October. We hope for a great turnout again this year!!

    Redlands Believe Walk 2015 street banner
  • Tarfest

    tarfest_bannersBecause art has no boundaries, it gives people the freedom to express themselves however they want. Whether it is through music, drawing or performing, Tarfest is an event that allows people to share their culture and who they are through their form of art. Tarfest 2015 is an arts and culture event that was held in Los Angeles and The Miracle Mile District, on September 26. It was an all day event that was filled with music, performers, artists, and much more. People had come together to share their diverse cultures and performances. The La Brea Tar Pits was imbued with music played by artists like Gavin Turek, The Shelters, Babes and Salt Petal.


    We had the awesome opportunity to help prepare Tarfest come together. We created the music performance stage banner, booth banners and a couple retractable banners for the beer garden and live art areas. Especially for events, banners are a great way to keep people from getting lost, or helping them figure out which station is which. We not only made banners, but  Prints on Wood also got to help out with a few of the artists. Prints on Wood printed Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez's art pieces and they provided the wood panels for the live paintings. We got to watch  Greg "Craola" Simkins putting in work his  live paintings. Overall, we had a blast at Tarfest. It was awesome to see some of the artists we work with in their zone. tarfest_banner tarfest_banners1

  • Back to School Preparations

    When there are events, there is always a need for signs and banners. It's that time of year again when summer is coming to an end and colleges are starting to intensely preparing for the new school year. Colleges start getting ready for orientation and all the events that help freshmen settle into their new school.

    cbu orientation sign printIt is definitely useful and important for schools to put up orientation signs all over their campus because it's inevitable to get lost as a freshman in such a new environment. Signs with labels and arrows to where certain buildings are located are an excellent idea to help these lost souls.

    cbu orientation sign print1California Baptist University and University of California Riverside, our number one University clients, came to us in need of signs for the first week of school. All the signs that were created for these schools were made out of coroplast. Coroplast is our most popular material we use for our signs. They are affordable and durable; therefore, allowing UCR and CBU to stay under their budget wisely.

    ucr new year signs 2 California Baptist University went the directional route and ordered signs with arrows pointing to which direction each building was located. University of California Riverside ordered signs taking the label and informational route.

    Ucr new year signsOverall, signs are the best way to keep people together and eliminate the chaos during an event. Banner4sale and our team help create and print these banners in best way possible!

  • 626 Night Market Success

    This past weekend, the city of Arcadia held a night market filled with delicious food, desserts, and merchandise. As doors opened and the streets filled with people trying all the different types of foods the vendors offered. This night market gave off the vibes of a local busy, Chinese street market.

    626nightmarket_beachlive_banner4saleFor events like these, signs, banners, and images play a big part in bringing customers in. Every vendor had a banner hung over their easy-up, with the name of their booth. Along side with the banner, many people had posters with images of their food and prices.

    626nightmarket_beachlive_banner4sale2We made a banner for one of the food vendors there. Beach Live, a seafood restaurant, came to us in need of a 10x15 ft banner with grommets. This outdoor banner needed to be hung onto a PVC frame that stood right above the tent.

    626nightmarket_beachlive_banner4sale3Beach Live sold live sea urchins that had uni on the inside, topped with rice, masago, furikake, and chilli sauce. They also sold poke bowls that had raw fish mixed with a special poke sauce and rice.626nightmarket_beachlive_banner4sale4

    I would say the outdoor vinyl banner was super beneficial to the restaurant's outcome in sales. Beach Live sold out all three days of this weekend! They sold out of their full sea urchin inventory on the second day, selling over 300 pounds of sea urchins. Many people came over to the booth, looking for uni because they had read the banner. Not just any cheap banner could have done that!  Good job Beach Live! 626nightmarket_beachlive_banner4sale5

  • Birthday Banners

    Trouble finding the right decorations for your son's first birthday? Well, we might be a little useful to your situation. Banners and signs are excellent party decorations. Yes, we already know what's running through your head right now.

    birthday banners_

    Banners and signs can sound a little bland for your party and most people want 3 dimensional decorations to make it more lively; however, birthday banners and birthday signs are like the finishing touches. Without them, your party will look a little off.

    birthday bannersDepending on which design you choose to get printed, it can significantly change the mood of your party. The above photos are from a county fair 1st birthday banners and party signs. These birthday signs set the theme of the party. The below photo was from a superman birthday banner, which also set the mood as well! Each character representing a superhero, what boy wouldn't love a superhero banner that included Superman, Batman, The Hulk, Spiderman, the Flash and Ironman banner! birthday banners3

    Party banners and party signs are a necessity for your party, so get started by ordering from us! We promise it will make a difference.


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